10 Indian Geography GK MCQ's 28/09/2022

  •  1) The Kiriburu and Meghahatuburu mines are famous for which of the following?
    • (A) Magnesite 
    • (B) Iron Ore
    • (C) Silica Sand
    • (D) Lime Stone
Answer- (B) Iron Ore

  • 2) Which of the following Indian races is the oldest?
    • (A) Proto Australoids
    • (B) Nordics
    • (C) Negritos 
    • (D) Mongoloids
Answer - (C) Negritos 

  • 3) The largest area in India is covered by which of the following types of soil?
    • (A) Alluvial 
    • (B) Laterite
    • (C)  Red
    • (D) Black
Answer - (A) Alluvial  

  • 4) Which of the following types of soil is most common in West Bengal's Rarh Region?
    • (A) Acid sulfate soil
    • (B) Alluvial Soil 
    • (C) Black soil
    • (D) Red Soil
Answer - (D) Red Soil
  • 5) Which of the following minerals is famous in the Tamil Nadu city of Jayamkondam?
    • (A) Lignite 
    • (B) Bauxite  
    • (C) Magnesite
    • (D) Calcite
Answer - (A) Lignite 
  • 6)  Which of the following two states is separated by the Sankosh River?
    • (A) Assam and West Bengal
    • (B) Bihar and Jharkhand
    • (C) Bihar and West Bengal 
    • (D) Assam and Arunachal Pradesh
Answer - 
(A) Assam and West Bengal
  • 7) Which of the following is a Piedmont plateau example?
    • (A) Bolivian Plateau
    • (B) Tibetan Plateau 
    • (C) Ladakh plateau
    • (D) Malwa Plateau
Answer - (D) Malwa Plateau

  • 8) Which of the following Andaman & Nicobar Islands is home to the only known examples of India's mud volcanoes, locally known as "jalki"?
    • (A) Car Nicobar
    • (B) Baratang Island 
    • (C) Havelock Island
    • (D) Barren Island
Answer - (B) Baratang Island 

  • 09)  Which one of the following is related to the Indian location "Noonmati"?
    • (A) Paper Industry
    • (B) Salt Industry 
    • (C) Textile Industry
    • (D) Petroleum Industry
Answer -(D) Petroleum Industry

  • 10) Which of the following countries India is connected to by Stilwell Road?
    • (A) Bhutan
    • (B) China 
    • (C) Pakistan
    • (D) Bangladesh
Answer - (B) China 


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