Latest Sports MCQ 12/09/2022

  • 1) Which sport does Anishka Biyani play who recently won a gold medal?
    • (A) Shooting  
    • (B) Chess 
    • (C) Boxing
    • (D) Badminton
Answer- (B) Chess 

  • 2) Which cricketer from India has declared his retirement from all forms of the game?
    • (A) Shikhar Dhawan
    • (B) Ravindra Jadeja
    • (C) Ravichandran Ashwin
    • (D) Suresh Raina
Answer - (D) Suresh Raina

  • 3) Who won the 2022 Dutch Grand Prix of Formula One?
    • (A) Charles Leclerc
    • (B) Max Verstappen
    • (C) Sebastian Vettel
    • (D) Lewis Hamilton 
Answer - (B) Max Verstappen

  • 4) Who has been chosen to serve as the All India Football Federation's new president?
    • (A) Andrew Bonfield
    • (B) Mehmood Khan
    • (C) Laxman Narasimhan 
    • (D) Kalyan Chaubey 
Answer - (D) Kalyan Chaubey  

  • 5) Who are the Star Indian Wrestlers Selected for the World Senior Championships in 2022?
    • (A) Deepak Punia and Ravi Kumar Dahiya
    • (B) Yogeshwar Dutt and Vinesh Phogat 
    • (C) Ravi Kumar Dahiya and Sakshi Malik 
    • (D) Bajrang Punia and Vinesh Phogat
Answer - (D) Bajrang Punia and Vinesh Phogat

  • 6) What sport is Linthoi Chanambam, who was in the headlines, related to?
    • (A) Wrestling
    • (B) Boxing
    • (C) Judo
    • (D) Weightlifting 
Answer - (C) Judo

  • 7) Which city saw Denmark's Viktor Axelsen win the men's singles gold at the BWF World Championships for the second time?
    • (A) Berlin 
    • (B) Tokyo
    • (C) Sofia 
    • (D) Paris
Answer - (B) Tokyo 

  • 8) Which nation does James Anderson represent playing Cricket?
    • (A) England
    • (B) New Zealand 
    • (C) India
    • (D) South Africa 
Answer - 
(A) England

  • 9) Who has played 100 international cricket matches in all three formats of the game, becoming the first Indian player ever?
    • (A) Rohit Sharma 
    • (B) KL Rahul 
    • (C) Hardik Pandya 
    • (D) Virat Kohli
Answer - (D) Virat Kohli

  • 10) Who was the winner of the Women's BWF World Championship 2022?
    • (A) Tai Tzu Ying 
    • (B) An Se Young
    • (C) Akane Yamaguchi
    • (D) Chen Yu Fei
Answer - (C) Akane Yamaguchi


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