Models of community organization

  1. To acquaint with the various models of community organization.
  2. To enable conceptual clarity on this model for best community organization practice.
  1. Able to understand the various models of community development and organization.
  2. Able to demonstrate various models while working for a community organization.
  1. Concept 
  2. Introduction
  3. Models  of the community organization 
  4. Conclusion
There are three primary methods in social work that are working with individuals, groups, and communities. The sole purpose of the method is to bring about and progressive more effective adjustment between social welfare resources and welfare needs to overcome the problems and to enhance to have better social functioning. The term community organization become an important concept in the social work profession due to the publication of the
Models are the conceptual designs of a particulars phenomenon to get the things done or we can say a model is nothing but a window through which a community worker looks at the complex nature of the community. Willing to work for the community must have the theoretical framework of the knowledge. The development of any community reflects on the development of its people. Most of the government and non-government organizations plan different development programs for improving the lives of the community people Therefore they need to understand different models of community organization. The knowledge and information will help to design strategies for ensuring the participation of people. let's understand different models of community organization.
Models of community organization.
According to Rothman (1947), there are three models of community organization.
  1. Locality development model 
  2. Social Planning model 
  3. Social action model 
Locality Development 
Locality development encompasses the concept of community change through the effective participation of a wide spectrum of people at the grass-root level for the determination of the goals and achieving for the same. Locality development model primarily emphasizes on the process of community building( UN Publication 1955) Locality development models reflect that the development of the community is possible when people make active participation in planning, implementing and evaluation process.
  1. Democratic Procedures 
  2. Cooperation
  3. Self Help
  4. Local  Leadership
  5. Educational objective
The above five essential elements are instrumental for the effective participation of the people in community organizations. The use of these elements will raise the capacity of the local people and can increase the degree of local people's participation.
Social Planning Model
Social planning is the process of planning social service programs for the improvement of the socio-economic condition of the people. This model primarily concerns with the social problem of the people. It encourages having a rational, well planned, and technical process for problem-solving with regard to social problems such as housing, water, and health. A deliberately planned and controlled change has the central place in this social planning model(
Social Action Model 
The social action model is a theory of social work practice. The fundamental essence of the model is based on social justice, democracy, redistribution of power, and decision making. The model helps the community worker on how to take action through the empowerment practice. It is also understood as the strategies used by the group or community who feel they have inadequate power and resources to meet their needs. To ensure social justice, and equality the model try to work out for the review of various social policies and programs which continue to disempower the marginalized group and community.


The practice of these all models may require a set of skills and techniques of making effective practice in the community. The use of these various models can actually benefit the practitioners to be instrumental in bringing various issues of the marginalized groups/community to the mainstream of the society to raise the social standard of living of the people.


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