Social Action is method of Social Work.Explained


Every profession has a tested body of knowledge, which includes principles, techniques, methods, procedures, tools, and terminology of its own. The same is true with professional social work. Social work has six methods of working with people (casework, group work, community organization, social action, social welfare administration and social work research). These methods are the techniques of enabling people for better social functioning. Social action, as a method of professional social work practice,tioning. Social action, as a method of professional social work practice, is an organised effort to change or improve social and economic institutions through organisation and mobilization of the community people. Unlike other social work methods, social action emphasizes on long-term essential changes in established social institutions. Social action covers movements of social, religious and political reform, social legislation, racial and social justice, human rights, freedom and civic liberty. Previously social action was considered as a tool within the field of community organisation, but now it has been considered as a separate technique of social work and as such a fourth process

Why social action is considered a method of professional social work?

1-A method of professional social work is a technique or approach having characteristics like: an established process with easily recognizable stages, based on the philosophy of social work, having principles or guidelines or theories, skills of working with people which are learned and refined through professional guidance. Let us view social action within these parameters.
2-Social action process, more or less, passes through the recognizable and systematic stages. First of all, a scientific analysis or research on the social problem affecting the community people is carried out. Then, awareness is generated regarding various aspects of the problem and people are encouraged to take collective and collaborative action to solve the problem. Third stage is centred on organising people for coordinated and directed intervention whereas in further stage suitable strategies are developed to achieve the goals and lastly, action is taken. Every social action process passes through these stages and professional social workers or actionists are well-equipped with knowledge and skills required in different stages.
3-As a method of social work, social action adheres to the philosophy of professional social work. It does not blame people for the deficiency or problem. It strongly believes in the worth and dignity of human beings. Social action rejects the doctrine of laissez-faire and survival of the fittest. The unfit person has the same fundamental rights as do the more fit, and the rich or powerful is not necessarily fit, and nor a poor or weak is indeed unfit. It adopts a commitment to the capacity of all the people to take action to improve their life circumstances.
Social workers practicing social action are well versed with certain skills that are developed through teaching-learning and training. They have the skills of rapport building, objective analysis of the social situation and problems, knowledge and ability to use other methods of social work like casework, group work, social welfare administration adequately and appropriately. The social workers do have the ability to use his relationship with clients and community constructively. This relationship is characterized by objectivity and confidentiality on the one hand and sensitivity and warmth on the other. Social workers have in their command the techniques of program planning, organisation, coordination and administrative and managerial skills.


 It may be described as an organized group effort to solve mass problems or to further socially desirable objectives by attempting to influence or change basic social and economic conditions or practices. It always involves public pressure in one form or the other. However, it does not approve of I physical coercion or violence. Another aim of social action, which has been i mentioned by many social work scholars, is the formulation of or change in existing social legislation. Once the legislation comes into force, its implementation at the ground level is another salient task of social actionists or social workers. Thus we see that social action, as a method of social work profession, is a powerful tool of bringing about positive changes in the social system for I the betterment of the masses. 


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