11 Differences between community organization and Community development.

 There are many similarities between a community organization and community development. But for the theoretical purpose, it is possible to differentiate community organization and community development.

  1. ) Community organization is a method of social work but community development is a program for a planned change.
  2.  Community organization emphasizes the processes, but community development emphasizes the end or goals
  3.  Community organizers are mostly social workers and social change agents, But community development personnel can be from other professions including agricultural experts, veterinary experts, and other technical experts
  4. Community organization is not time-bound. It is achieved step by step according to the pace of the people. But community development is time-bound and time is specified for achieving the development objectives.
  5. In community organizations people’s participation is important. But in community development people’s development is important.
  6. In community organization governments and external agencies, assistances are not important or needed. But in community development, external assistance from the government or other agencies is considered important.
  7. Community organization is a method of social work and this method is used in many fields. But unlike community organizations community development is considered as a process, method, program, and movement for planned change.
  8. Community organization is used in all the fields but community development is used mostly in economic development and for the development of living standards of the people.
  9.  In the community, organization planning is initiated by the people through their participation. But in community development planning is carried out by an external agency mostly by the government.
  10. In community organizations, people are organized to solve their problems. But in community development goals have to be achieved and for that people are organized.
  11. Community organization is universal to all communities. But community development programs differ from person to person depending upon whether the area is rural, urban or tribal, and other characteristics of the area.


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