Queen Elizabeth II: GK MCQ's About UK’s Longest Reigning Monarch

 1- What is the name given to the celebration of the Queen's birthday?

a.) Trooping the Colour

b.) Beating Retreat

c.) The Royal Maunday

d) The Big Buffet

Ans. Trooping the Colour

2- When the Queen was crowned in 1952, who was the Prime Minister?

a.) Sir Anthony Eden

b.) Harold Macmilan

c.) Tony Blair

d.) Winston Churchill

Ans. Winston Churchill

3- In what year did Queen Elizabeth send her the first e-mail?

a.) 1999

b.) 1976

c.) 1985

d.) 1992

Ans. 1976

4- How much does the Queen make per year?

a.) Around £5 million

b.) Around 12.5 million

c.) Around £50 million

d.) Around £25 million

Ans. Around £12.5 million

5- The infantry regiment Grenadier Guards bestowed which rank on the Queen?

a.) Honorary Colonel

b.) Lieutenant

c.) Captain

d.) Major General

Ans. Honorary Colonel 

6- How many countries are part of the Commonwealth of Nations?

a.) 8

b.) 7

c.) 6

d.) 5

Ans. 7

7- What is the total amount of land owned by Queen Elizabeth II?

a.) a quarter of the world’s land

b.) a fifth of the world’s land

c.) a sixth of the world’s land

d) one tenth of the world’s land

Ans. a sixth of the world’s land

8- Which of these actresses won an Oscar for her role as Queen Elizabeth II?

a.) Kate Winslet
b.) Helen Mirren
c.) Emma Thompson
d.) Isabelle Huppert

Ans. Helen Mirren

9- In which country was Queen Elizabeth II not regarded as a sovereign?

a.) Grenada

b.) New Zealand

c.) Puerto Rico

d.) Canada

Ans. Puerto Rico

10- Which of these magnificent mansions does Elizabeth II actually own?

a.) Windsor Castle

b.) Kensington Palace

c.) Balmoral Castle

d.) Birmingham Palace

Ans. Balmoral Castle


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