10 Daily MCQ 26th January 2023

 1. Androgogy means

(A) Arts and Science of helping adults to learn

(B) Teaching 3Rs

(C) Teaching Adult Education to school drop-outs

(D) None of the above

Answer: (A)

2. Population Education deals with

(A) Population Dynamics

(B) Population Explosion

(C) Population Growth &Development

(D) All the above

Answer: (D)


3. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan was launched during the year

(A) 2010

(B) 2001

(C) 2011

(D) 2007

Answer: (B)


4. The target group for Non-formal Education is

(A) 6 – 14 Age group

(B) 10 – 14 Age group

(C) 7 – 14 Age group

(D) None of the above

Answer: (A)

 5. Who among the following feminist anthropologists gave the concept of “muted group” referring to women?

(A) H.L. Moore

(B) Sherry Ortner

(C) Edwin Ardener

(D) Eleanor Leacock

Answer: (C)

6. In her book “Pattern of Culture” Ruth Benedict discusses the cultures of:

(A) Zuni, Greek, Dobu

(B) Zuni, Omaha, Dobu

(C) Kwakintl, Dobu, Hopi

(D) Zuni, Kwakintl, Dobu

Answer: (D)


7. First hand personal study of local settings is referred to as

(A) Ethnology

(B) Ethno-science

(C) Ethnography

(D) Ethno-history

Answer: (C)


8. Unilineal Kin group is characterized by

(A) Their size

(B) Their corporate character

(C) Their utility in emergency situation

(D) Their amorphous character


9. Who among the following is a consanguineal kin?

(A) Father’s young brother

(B) Wife’s sister

(C) Wife’s brother

(D) Sister’s husband

Answer: (A)

10. Who among the following advocated a ‘four-fold approach’ that divided anthropology into cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, archaeology and linguistics?

(A) Bronislaw Malinowski

(B) Franz Boas

(C) A.R. Radcliffe Brown

(D) Marcel Mauss

Answer: (B)


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