20 GK MCQ's on 22nd January 2023

1- Which tennis player won the men's singles title at the Adelaide International?
[A] Rafael Nadal
[B] Novak Djokovic
[C] Daniil Medvedev
[D] Nick Kyrgios
Correct Answer: B [Novak Djokovic]

2- Which Indian state is home to the Sagol Kangjei, the modern form of polo?
[A] Assam
[B] Manipur
[C] West Bengal
[D] Arunachal Pradesh
Correct Answer: B [Manipur]

3- Which state is home to "Kumarakom and Beypore," which were chosen for the Swadesh Darshan 2.0 Scheme?
[A] Tamil Nadu
[B] Kerala
[C] Rajasthan
[D] Haryana
Correct Answer: B [Kerala]

4- Which state/UT banned the use of four-wheelers powered by BS-III gasoline and BS-IV diesel?
[A] Maharashtra
[B] New Delhi
[C] West Bengal
[D] Gujarat
Correct Answer: B [New Delhi]

5- Which Indian state's "Year of Enterprises" Project is its main initiative?
[A] Haryana
[B] Odisha
[C] West Bengal
[D] Kerala
Correct Answer: D [Kerala]

6- Which nation is involved with the "Title 42" immigration law that was reported on?
[A] Australia
[C] China
[D] Germany
Correct Answer: B [USA]

7- Which sports is M Pranesh, who was featured in the news, connected to?
[A] Badminton
[B] Chess
[C] Swimming
[D] Boxing
Correct Answer: B [Chess]

8- Which organisation has received "iWeld" software from IIT-Kharagpur to find flaws?
Correct Answer: C [GRSE]

9- Which Indian state has started a 100-day campaign promoting global cities?
[A] Gujarat
[B] West Bengal
[C] Assam
[D] Uttar Pradesh
Correct Answer: D [Uttar Pradesh]

10- Which city will play home to the 2023 meeting of the India-US Trade Policy Forum?
[A] Mumbai
[B] New Delhi
[C] California
[D] Washington DC
Correct Answer: D [Washington DC]

11- What state or UT recommended to the Center that it give "migrated minority" status?
[A] Punjab
[B] Delhi
[C] Jammu and Kashmir
[D] Assam
Correct Answer: B [Delhi]

12- Which organisation worked with IISc to create models to quicken the screening of antibiotics?
[A] Unilever
[B] Meta
[C] Biocon
[D] Tata Consumer Products
Correct Answer: A [Unilever]

13- Which sports does Swastika Ghosh play, who was featured in the news?
[A] Squash
[B] Tennis
[C] Table Tennis
[D] Badminton
Correct Answer: C [Table Tennis]

14- Which state passed a resolution requesting that the Sethusamudram project be carried out by the Center?
[A] Kerala
[B] Tamil Nadu
[C] Karnataka
[D] Odisha
Correct Answer: B [Tamil Nadu]

15- What is the name of the longest river cruise in the world, which the prime minister signalled off?
[A] MV Ganga Vilas
[B] MV Bharat Vilas
[C] MV Gangayaan
[D] MV Uttarayaan
Correct Answer: A [MV Ganga Vilas]

16- What will India's Retail CPI Inflation be in December 2022?
[A] 5.72 %
[B] 6.72 %
[C] 7.72 %
[D] 8.72 %
Correct Answer: A [5.72 %]

17- Which two states were the top investment destinations in the nation in 2021–2022 according to recent data?
[A] Maharashtra and Gujarat
[B] Gujarat and Rajasthan
[C] Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh
[D] Gujarat and Telangana
Correct Answer: B [Gujarat and Rajasthan]

18- Which nation in Europe signed a reciprocal access agreement with Japan first?
[A] Germany
[B] UK
[C] Italy
[D] France
Correct Answer: B [UK]

19- The "shared school bus system" and the "agricultural response vehicle" programme were both introduced in which state?
[A] Assam
[B] Meghalaya
[C] West Bengal
[D] Bihar
Correct Answer: B [Meghalaya]

20- What does the "National Green Hydrogen Mission" entail?
[A] Rs 1000 crore
[B] Rs 2000 crore
[C] Rs 10000 crore
[D] Rs 20000 crore
Correct Answer: D [Rs 20000 crore]


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