20 GK MCQ's on 24th January 2023

1- Which state is the most popular location for mobile gamers, according to the "India Mobile Gaming Report 2022"?

[A] Rajasthan
[B] Maharashtra
[C] Uttar Pradesh
[D] Bihar

Correct Answer: C [Uttar Pradesh]

2- Which state/UT will house India's first Center of Excellence for Online Gaming?

[A] Sikkim
[B] Karnataka
[C] Meghalaya
[D] Gujarat

Correct Answer: C [Meghalaya]

3- Which delivery company has started offering an ambulance service to its partners and their dependents?

[A] Zomato
[B] Swiggy
[C] Uber Eats
[D] Dunzo

Correct Answer: B [Swiggy]

4- Which sports is Shubhman Gill, who was featured in the news, connected to?

[A] Cricket
[B] Tennis
[C] Badminton
[D] Chess

Correct Answer: A [Cricket]

5- Which nation has been urged by India to adopt the "13th Amendment" to its Constitution?

[B] UK
[C] Sri Lanka
[D] Bangladesh

Correct Answer: C [Sri Lanka]

6- Which tool did scientists first employ to alter the direction of lightning strikes?

[A] Magnetometer
[B] Laser
[C] Oscilloscope
[D] Wind Turbines

Correct Answer: B [Laser]

7- What nation was the venue for the "Voice of Global South Summit"?

[A] Sri Lanka
[B] India
[C] Bangladesh
[D] Singapore

Correct Answer: B [India]

8- Which nation will launch a rescue capsule to bring down the three crew members of the International Space Station?

[B] Russia
[C] China
[D] Israel

Correct Answer: B [Russia]

9- Which state or UT in India will hold the country's first Global Tourism Summit?

[A] Uttar Pradesh
[B] New Delhi
[C] Assam
[D] Tamil Nadu

Correct Answer: B [New Delhi]

10- What month is the Armed Forces Veterans Day observed?

[A] January
[B] February
[C] March
[D] April

Correct Answer: A [January]

11- Which nation offered Pakistan a 3 billion USD deposit term?

[A] China
[B] Saudi Arabia
[C] Australia

Correct Answer: B [Saudi Arabia]

12- Which cities are listed as having the highest Cost of Living Index 2022 rankings by the Economic Intelligence Unit?

[A] Singapore and Dubai
[B] New York and Singapore
[C] New York and Tokyo
[D] Singapore and London

Correct Answer: B [New York and Singapore]

13- Which nation recently passed a new penal code, which sparked nationwide protests?

[A] China
[B] Cuba
[C] New Zealand
[D] Brazil

Correct Answer: B [Cuba]

14- Which organisation in India is the only one authorised to sell and redeem electoral bonds?

[A] State Bank of India
[B] NITI Aayog
[C] Reserve Bank of India
[D] Securities Exchange Board of India

Correct Answer: A [State Bank of India]

15- Which state boosted the disability help for people from $1,000 to $1,500 per month?

[A] Kerala
[B] Karnataka
[C] Tamil Nadu
[D] Odisha

Correct Answer: C [Tamil Nadu]

16- Which sports are Manu Bhaker and Sarabjot Singh connected to recently in the news?

[A] Hockey
[B] Shooting
[C] Squash
[D] Cricket

Correct Answer: B [Shooting]

17- Which country's national tree is Paubrasilia echinata?

[A] Argentina
[B] Japan
[C] Brazil
[D] Egypt

Correct Answer: C [Brazil]

18- Which nation and India participate in the bilateral defence exercise known as Agni Warrior?

[B] France
[C] Singapore
[D] Sri Lanka

Correct Answer: C [Singapore]

19- What agency published "State of Global Water Resources 2021"?


Correct Answer: B [WMO]

20- What is the projected yearly rate of HIV infection in India from 2010 to 2021, according to the most recent data?

[A] Declining
[B] Raising
[C] No change
[D] No data available

Correct Answer: A [Declining]


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