53 quiz on general knowledge with answers

1-What country has the highest life expectancy?

a) Japan

b) Hong Kong

c) Switzerland

d) Australia

Answer: b) Hong Kong

2-Where would you be if you were standing on the Spanish Steps?

a) Barcelona

b) Madrid

c) Rome

d) Lisbon

Answer: c) Rome

3-Which language has the more native speakers: English or Spanish?

a) English

b) Spanish

Answer: b) Spanish

4-What is the most common surname in the United States?

a) Johnson

b) Smith

c) Brown

d) Davis

Answer: b) Smith

5-What disease commonly spread on pirate ships?

a) Malaria

b) Cholera

c) Typhoid

d) Scurvy

Answer: d) Scurvy

6-Who was the Ancient Greek God of the Sun?

a) Zeus

b) Apollo

c) Poseidon

d) Hades

Answer: b) Apollo

7-What was the name of the crime boss who was head of the feared Chicago Outfit?

a) John Gotti

b) Al Capone

c) Lucky Luciano

d) Carlo Gambino

Answer: b) Al Capone

8-What year was the United Nations established?

a) 1943

b) 1945

c) 1947

d) 1950

Answer: b) 1945

9-Who has won the most total Academy Awards?

a) Meryl Streep

b) Jack Nicholson

c) Walt Disney

d) Steven Spielberg

Answer: c) Walt Disney

10-What artist has the most streams on Spotify?

a) Ed Sheeran

b) Justin Bieber

c) Drake

d) Ariana Grande

Answer: c) Drake

11-How many minutes are in a full week?

a) 10,080

b) 100,800

c) 1,008,000

d) 10,080,000

Answer: a) 10,080

12-What car manufacturer had the highest revenue in 2020?

a) Toyota

b) Volkswagen

c) BMW

d) Mercedes-Benz

Answer: b) Volkswagen

13-How many elements are in the periodic table?

a) 101

b) 118

c) 123

d) 129

Answer: b) 118

14-What company was originally called "Cadabra"?

a) Google

b) Amazon

c) Microsoft

d) Apple

Answer: b) Amazon

15-How many faces does a Dodecahedron have?

a) 10

b) 12

c) 14

d) 16

Answer: b) 12

16-Queen guitarist Brian May is also an expert in what scientific field?

a) Biology

b) Astrophysics

c) Chemistry

d) Geology

Answer: b) Astrophysics

17-Aureolin is a shade of what color?

a) Green

b) Blue

c) Red

d) Yellow

Answer: d) Yellow

18-How many ghosts chase Pac-Man at the start of each game?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5

Answer: c) 4

19-What Renaissance artist is buried in Rome's Pantheon?

a) Leonardo da Vinci

b) Michelangelo

c) Raphael

d) Botticelli

Answer: c) Raphael

20-What is a group of crows called?

a) A flock

b) A murder

c) A herd

d) A pack

Answer: b) A murder

21-Compared to their body weight, what animal is the strongest?

a) Dung Beetle

b) Elephant

c) Ant

d) Cow

Answer: a) Dung Beetle

22-How many dots appear on a pair of dice?

a) 28

b) 30

c) 36

d) 42

Answer: d) 42

23-Which is the only body part that is fully grown from birth?

a) Brain

b) Stomach

c) Lungs

d) Eyes

Answer: d) Eyes

24-What is acrophobia a fear of?

a) Water

b) Flying

c) Heights

d) Spiders

Answer: c) Heights

25-In what country was Elon Musk born?

a) United States

b) Canada

c) South Africa

d) Australia

Answer: c) South Africa

26-Who performs the voice of Homer Simpson?

a) Seth MacFarlane

b) Dan Castellaneta

c) Harry Shearer

d) Nancy Cartwright

Answer: b) Dan Castellaneta

27-What country has the most islands?

a) Japan

b) Indonesia

c) Sweden

d) Philippines

Answer: b) Indonesia

28-In Australia what is commonly known as a Bottle-o?

a) A bakery

b) A supermarket

c) An off-license / Liquor Store

d) A restaurant

Answer: c) An off-license / Liquor Store

29-How many hearts does an octopus have?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

Answer: c) 3

30-December 26th is known by what name in Ireland?

a) Boxing Day

b) Saint Stephen's Day

c) Christmas Day

d) New Year's Day

Answer: b) Saint Stephen's Day

31-In what US state is the country's busiest airport located?

a) California

b) New York

c) Georgia

d) Texas

Answer: c) Georgia - Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

32-What planet is closest to the sun?

a) Venus

b) Earth

c) Mars

d) Mercury

Answer: d) Mercury

33-Where is the strongest human muscle located?

a) Arm

b) Leg

c) Jaw

d) Back

Answer: c) Jaw

34-What phone company produced the 3310?

a) Motorola

b) Nokia

c) Samsung

d) Apple

Answer: b) Nokia

35-What is the only continent with land in all four hemispheres?

a) Africa

b) Europe

c) North America

d) South America

Answer: a) Africa

36-Which river flows through the Grand Canyon?

a) Nile River

b) Amazon River

c) Mississippi River

d) Colorado River

Answer: d) Colorado River

37-Where is Angel Falls, the world’s largest waterfall, located?

a) Brazil

b) Argentina

c) Venezuela

d) Colombia

Answer: c) Venezuela

38-What is the state capital of New York?

a) Buffalo

b) New York City

c) Syracuse

d) Albany

Answer: d) Albany

39-On what continent would you find the world’s largest desert?

a) Asia

b) Africa

c) South America

d) North America

Answer: b) Africa

40-What is the capital of Ireland?

a) Belfast

b) Dublin

c) Cork

d) Galway

Answer: b) Dublin

41-What is the smallest US state by area?

a) Rhode Island

b) Connecticut

c) Delaware

d) New Hampshire

Answer: a) Rhode Island

42-What is the tallest type of tree?

a) Sequoias

b) Pines

c) Redwoods

d) Oaks

Answer: c) Redwoods

43-True or False: Holland is a region in The Netherlands?

a) True

b) False

Answer: a) True

44-What are the 5 Great Lakes?

a) Huron, Michigan, Ontario, Superior, Erie

b) Michigan, Erie, Ontario, Huron, Superior

c) Erie, Ontario, Huron, Superior, Michigan

d) Ontario, Michigan, Huron, Superior, Erie

Answer: a) Huron, Michigan, Ontario, Superior, Erie

45-How many European capitals does the Danube flow through?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5

Answer: c) 4

46-Fill in the blanks: The capital of Bulgaria is ofi.

a) Plovdiv

b) Sofia

c) Varna

d) Burgas

Answer: b) Sofia

47-What is the capital of Canada?

a) Toronto

b) Vancouver

c) Ottawa

d) Montreal

Answer: c) Ottawa

48-In what capital would you find The Little Mermaid statue?

a) Oslo

b) Stockholm

c) Helsinki

d) Copenhagen

Answer: d) Copenhagen

49-On what continent would you find the city of Baku?

a) Europe

b) Asia

c) Africa

d) Australia

Answer: b) Asia

50-What is the only flag that does not have four sides?

a) Japan

b) Switzerland

c) Nepal

d) Bhutan

Answer: c) Nepal

51-How many stars are on the Chinese flag?

a) 3

b) 4

c) 5

d) 6

Answer: c) 5

52-How many colors are used in the South African flag?

a) 3

b) 4

c) 5

d) 6

Answer: d) 6

53-What colors is the flag of the United Nations?

a) Red and White

b) Blue and White

c) Green and Yellow

d) Black and White

Answer: b) Blue and White


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