Important Days in June 2024: Don't Miss Out!

Mark your calendars! Get a comprehensive list of national and international awareness days, holidays, and observances happening in June 2024. Plan your events, spread awareness, and stay informed!

Important Days in June 2024

June is a month filled with numerous significant days, each commemorating unique aspects of human life, culture, and global issues. Whether you're preparing for competitive exams or simply looking to mark special events on your calendar, here is an informative guide to the important days in June 2024.

1st June 2024: World Milk Day & Global Parents Day

  • World Milk Day: Celebrated to recognize the importance of milk as a global food, this day highlights the dairy sector's contributions to sustainability, economic development, livelihoods, and nutrition.
  • Global Parents Day: This day is dedicated to appreciating parents around the world for their selfless commitment and lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship.

2nd June 2024: International Sex Workers Day & Telangana Formation Day

  • International Sex Workers Day: Also known as International Whores’ Day, it is observed to honor sex workers and recognize their often stigmatized profession.
  • Telangana Formation Day: Celebrated in India, this day marks the formation of the state of Telangana, which split from Andhra Pradesh in 2014.

3rd June 2024: World Bicycle Day

  • World Bicycle Day: This day promotes the benefits of cycling for health and well-being, and advocates for the use of bicycles as a sustainable mode of transport.

4th June 2024: International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

  • International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression: This day focuses on acknowledging the pain suffered by children around the world who are victims of physical, mental, and emotional abuse.

5th June 2024: World Environment Day

  • World Environment Day: Aimed at encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment, this day addresses pressing environmental issues such as pollution, biodiversity, and climate change.

6th June 2024: World Pest Day

  • World Pest Day: Established to raise awareness about the importance of pest management in protecting public health and maintaining food security.

7th June 2024: World Food Safety Day

  • World Food Safety Day: This day aims to draw attention and inspire action to help prevent, detect, and manage foodborne risks, contributing to food security, human health, economic prosperity, agriculture, market access, tourism, and sustainable development.

8th June 2024: World Oceans Day & World Brain Tumor Day

  • World Oceans Day: Celebrates the majesty of our oceans and highlights the need to protect marine environments from threats such as pollution and overfishing.
  • World Brain Tumor Day: Dedicated to raising awareness about brain tumors and providing support to patients and their families.

9th June 2024: World Accreditation Day

  • World Accreditation Day: Highlights the importance of accreditation in ensuring quality and safety across various industries, including healthcare, education, and construction.

12th June 2024: Anti-Child Labor Day

  • Anti-Child Labor Day: This day focuses on the global efforts needed to eliminate child labor, advocating for the rights of children to be free from exploitation and to receive an education.

13th June 2024: International Albinism Awareness Day

  • International Albinism Awareness Day: Celebrates people with albinism and aims to combat the discrimination and violence they face.

14th June 2024: World Blood Donor Day

  • World Blood Donor Day: Promotes the importance of blood donation in saving lives and improving health, and recognizes the selfless acts of blood donors.

15th June 2024: World Wind Day

  • World Wind Day: Highlights the power and potential of wind energy in providing a sustainable and renewable source of electricity.

18th June 2024: International Picnic Day

  • International Picnic Day: Encourages people to go outdoors, enjoy nature, and spend quality time with family and friends in a picnic setting.

19th June 2024: National Reading Day & Father’s Day

  • National Reading Day: Promotes the habit of reading among people of all ages, emphasizing its importance for personal growth and knowledge.
  • Father’s Day: A day to honor fathers and celebrate fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.

20th June 2024: World Refugee Day

  • World Refugee Day: Dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of refugees around the world and the efforts to provide them with support and protection.

21st June 2024: International Day of Yoga, World Music Day, & World Hydrography Day

  • International Day of Yoga: Promotes the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of practicing yoga.
  • World Music Day: Celebrates the universal language of music and its power to bring people together across cultural and social boundaries.
  • World Hydrography Day: Highlights the importance of hydrography and its crucial role in safe navigation, marine protection, and economic development.

23rd June 2024: United Nations Public Service Day & International Olympic Day

  • United Nations Public Service Day: Recognizes the value and virtue of public service in the community, and highlights the work of public servants.
  • International Olympic Day: Celebrates the Olympic Movement and promotes participation in sport across the globe regardless of age, gender, or athletic ability.

26th June 2024: International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

  • International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking: Aims to strengthen action and cooperation to achieve a world free of drug abuse and illegal drug trade.

27th June 2024: International MSME Day

  • International MSME Day: Celebrates the contributions of Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) to sustainable development and the global economy.

29th June 2024: National Statistics Day

  • National Statistics Day: Acknowledges the importance of statistics in policy-making, development planning, and enhancing public awareness about statistical data.

30th June 2024: International Asteroid Day & International Day of Parliamentarism

  • International Asteroid Day: Raises awareness about asteroids and the potential threats they pose to our planet, as well as the scientific knowledge we can gain from studying them.
  • International Day of Parliamentarism: Celebrates the role of parliaments in representing the voice of the people, ensuring that policies benefit all citizens, and promoting transparency and accountability in governance.

These days not only mark significant events and causes but also serve as reminders of the various issues that require our attention and action throughout the year.


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