Test Your Knowledge: Top 10 Cities for Expats (Cost of Living 2024)

Test Your Knowledge: Top 10 Cities for Expats (Cost of Living 2024)

Master the 2024 Mercer Cost of Living City Ranking with this 10-question quiz! Test your knowledge on the priciest and most affordable cities for expats globally, along with the driving factors behind living cost variations.

MCQs with Answers:

1. According to the 2024 Mercer report, which of the following cities holds the top spot for expats' cost of living?

(a) New York City
(b) Mumbai
(c) Hong Kong ✅
(d) Zurich

2. What city is the most expensive for expats in India based on the Mercer ranking?

(a) Delhi
(b) Kolkata
(c) Mumbai ✅
(d) Chennai

3. Islamabad, Lagos, and Abuja's affordability for expats is attributed to:

(a) Rising inflation
(b) Currency devaluation ✅
(c) Limited housing options
(d) Strict government regulations

4. The Mercer report utilizes New York City as the benchmark for cost of living comparisons because:

(a) It's the most populous city globally.
(b) It offers the most diverse cultural experiences.
(c) It serves as a major financial hub. ✅
(d) It has the most affordable housing market.

5. Which of the following is NOT a contributor to the rising cost of living for expats, as mentioned in the passage?

(a) Fluctuating exchange rates
(b) Economic and geopolitical uncertainties
(c) Increased availability of entertainment options ✅
(d) Rising housing costs

6. Cities like Hong Kong and Singapore witness high living costs due to:

(a) Abundant public transportation options
(b) Low taxes and essential goods costs
(c) Expensive housing, transportation, and goods/services ✅ (d) Limited educational opportunities

7. What factor does the Mercer report NOT consider when analyzing a city's cost of living?

(a) Cost of entertainment
(b) Food prices
(c) Quality of healthcare (not directly mentioned) ✅
(d) Transportation costs

8. The surge in living costs forces individuals to:

(a) Increase discretionary spending
(b) Adjust lifestyles and cut back on expenses ✅
(c) Seek employment opportunities abroad
(d) Demand higher salaries from employers

9. Businesses struggle to retain talent due to high living costs impacting:

(a) Employee morale
(b) Salary expenses ✅
(c) Brand reputation
(d) Customer satisfaction

10. According to the ranking, which city is the MOST expensive for expats in South America?

(a) Buenos Aires
(b) Rio de Janeiro
(c) Montevideo (Uruguay) ✅
(d) Santiago (Chile)


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