50 Psychology mcq questions with answers

Presenting 50 Psychology MCQ questions with answer which will help you to prepare for various examination 

1) The concept of “felt needs” is related to:

(A) Social group work

(B) Social case work

(C) Social action

(D) Community organization

Ans. (D)

2) ‘Evaluation of self-based on reflection or social comparison’ is known as:

(A) Self-esteem

(B) Self-awareness

(C) Self-security

(D) Self-confidence

Ans. (A)

3) The process of mutual influence between worker and client is called:

(A) Relationship

(B) Understanding

(C) Reflexiveness

(D) Rapport

Ans. (C)

4) Which one of the following is a part of Human Development Index?

(A) More gross national product

(B) More industrialization

(C) Life expectancy

(D) Fighting against social exclusion

Ans. (C)

5) Which among the following is observed as International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction?

(A) 13thSeptember

(B) 13th October

(C) 13th November

(D) 13th December

Ans. (B)

6) Which one of the following is not a model of Social Group Work?

(A) Social group model

(B) Remedial model

(C) Functional model

(D) Reciprocal model

Ans. (C)

7) Which among the following is not a dimension of personality?

1. Conscientiousness

2. Extroversion/Introversion

3. Perception

4. Emotional stability

5. Discretion


(A) 1 and 5 only

(B) 2 and 4 only

(C) 3 and 5 only

(D) 4 and 5 only

Ans. (C)

8) Developing of feelings/attitude opposite to the anxiety is :

(A) Reaction formation

(B) Isolation

(C) Avoidance

(D) Confession

Ans. (A)

9) If conflict between two groups is resolved in such a  way that aspiration of both the groups are met, this situation is called:

(A) Win-Lose situation

(B) Lose-Lose situation

(C) Win-Win situation

(D) Confession

Ans. (C)

10) The alternative formula for determining mode is :

(A) Mode= 2 Median – 3 Mean

(B) Mode= 2 Median + 3 Mean

(C) Mode= 3 Median – 2 Mean

(D) Mode= 3 Mean -2 Mean

Ans. (C)

11) Which one of the following is the type of dream mechanism?

(A) Sublimation

(B) Symbolization

(C) Rationalization

(D) Repression

Ans. (A)

12) A positive correlation is present when _

(A) Two variables move in opposite direction

(B) Two variables move in the same direction

(C) One variable goes up and one goes down

(D) Several variables move in multiple pattern

Ans. (B)

13) What rights are Human Rights?

(A) Rights which are provided by the Constitution of India

(B) Rights which are fundamental

(C) Right provided to all human beings by nature

(D) Rights desired by human beings

Ans. (C)

14) Schedules V and VI of the Indian Constitution are related to ;

(A) Decides state boundaries between the states

(B) Decides the powers and responsibilities of Panchayat Raj

(C) Protection of rights  of tribal

(D) Protections of minorities in the country

Ans. (C)

15) The principle of specific objective is a principle of __

(A) Social case work

(B) Social group work

(C) Community organization

(D) Social Welfare Administration

Ans. (B)

16) Which of the following is not a model in Urban Structure?

(A) Sector model

(B) Concentric Zone Model

(C) Social inclusive exclusive model

(D) Multiple nuclei model

Ans. (C)

17) Which of the following statements is incorrect with regard to social problems?

(A) All social problems are deviations from the ideal situation

(B) Social problems are caused by many factors which are social in origin

(C) Social problems don not affect all individuals of the society

(D) Social problems affect different individuals differently

Ans. (C)

18) ‘SansadAdarsh Gram Yojana’ (SAGY) was launched in commemoration of the birth anniversary of :

(A) Sri DindayalUpadhayaya

(B) Sri Jayaprakash Narayan

(C) Sri AtalBihari Vajpayee

(D) Mahatma Gandhi

Ans. (B)

19) __ propounds that childhood experiences influence the adult behavior.

(A) Person Centred Theory

(B) Behavioral Modification Theory

(C) Psychoanalytical Theory

(D) Existential Theory

Ans. (C)

20) What shall be the proportion of Women amongst the members appointed in the Advisory Committee formed under the Equal Remuneration Act, 1976?

(A) One fourth

(B) One half

(C) One third

(D) Full 100%

Ans. (B)

21) Under Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015, the State Child Protection Societies are constituted at__

1. District level

2. State level

3. National level

4. Tehsil level


(A) 1 and 2 only

(B) 2 and 3 only

(C) 3 and 4 only

(D) 1, 2 and 4 only

Ans. (A)

22) Point out the models in community organization:

1. Social action

2. Social Planning

3. Locality Development

4. Community Building


(A) 1, 2 and 3 only

(B) 1 and 2 only

(C) 1 and 4 only

(D) 1, 2, 3 and 4

Ans. (A)

23) Which among the following is/are not the salient feature of current Indian population?

1. Large size and fast growth

2. Second stage of demographic transition

3. Rapidly rising density

4. Sex ratio composition favorable to female

5. Bottom weak age structure


(A) 1, 2 and 4 only

(B) 1 and 2 only

(C) 2 and 3 only

(D) 4 and 5 only

Ans. (D)

24) Mary Richmond in her book, “Social Diagnosis” described the three basic categories in the theory of social work practice. Choose the three from the code given:

1. Investigation or fact finding

2. Diagnosis

3. Treatment

4. Social justice


(A) 1 and 2 only

(B) 1, 2 and 3 only

(C) 2, 3 and 4 only

(D) 1, 2, 3, and 4

 Ans. (B)

25) The five stages (Norming etc….) of group development was propounded by:

(A) Tuckman

(B) Peter Trucker

(C) H. B. Trecker

(D) G. Konopka

Ans. (A)

26) Which among the following statements is/are regarding t-test?

1. An independent sample t-test compares the means of two groups.

2. A paired sample t-test compares means from the same group at different times.

3. The t-score is a ratio between the difference among two groups and the association within the group.

4. One sample t-test tests the mean of a single group against a known mean.


(A) 1 and 2 only

(B) 3 and 4 only

(C) 1, 2 and 4 only

(D) 1, 2, 3 and 4 only

Ans. (C)

27) Which one of the following will NOT result following the introduction of a more decentralized system of management?

(A) Increased motivation amongst those empowered to take decisions

(B) Greater consistency in the decision made

(C) The development of skills amongst the junior members of the management team

(D) An increase in the speed at which essential decision are made

Ans. (B)

28) According to Zeltman and Duncun, which among the following is not a strategy of social action?

(A) Reductive strategy

(B) Persuasive strategy

(C) Facilitative strategy

(D) Bargaining strategy

Ans. (D)

29) Which one of the following act does define a ‘child’ as a person below age of 14?

(A) Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act

(B) Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act

(C) Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act

(D) Prohibition of Child Marriage Act

 Ans. (A)

30) Which among the following days of the calendar year of National importance are correctly matched?

Event Date of observance

1. Anti-Leprosy Day - 24th February

2. World Water Day- 22nd march

3. World Health Day- 7th March

4. World Earth Day- 22nd April


(A) 1, 2 and 3 only

(B) 2, 3 and 4 only

(C) 1 and 3 only

(D) 2 and 4 only

Ans. (D)

31) “Criminal Law falls under….  A theory of justice that considers proportionate punishment morally acceptable response to crime.

(A) Corrective justice

(B) Distributive justice

(C) Procedural justice

(D) Retributive justice

Ans. (D)

32) The interview guide will be used during interview by:

(A) Interviewee

(B) Interviewer

(C) Different people

(D) Both interviewer and interviewee

Ans. (B)

33) How many disabilities are listed in the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016?

(A) 7

(B) 14

(C) 21

(D) 28

Ans. (C)

34) The 2017 Global Hunger Index (GHI) Report ranked India ____ country out of 118 countries with a serious hunger situation

(A) 45th

(B) 58th

(C) 97th

(D) 100th

Ans. (D)

35) National Policy for Persons with Disability was adopted in India in the year_

(A) 2004

(B) 2006

(C) 2008

(D) 2010

Ans. (B)

36) National Mental Health Policy was adopted in the year:

(A) 2005

(B) 2010

(C) 2014

(D) 2017

Ans. (C)

37) According to 2011 census of India the total Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe population is:

(A) 16.6% and 8.6% respectively

(B) 18.5% and 7.6% respectively

(C) 19.5% and 9.6% respectively

(D) 21% and 8% respectively

Ans. (A)

38) A manager delegate any of the following except:

(A) Authority

(B) Workload

(C) Responsibility

(D) Attendance at meetings to represent the department

Ans. (C)

39) The strongest evidence of causality comes from __ research method.

(A) Experimental

(B) Causal – comparative

(C) Correlation

(D) Ethnography

Ans. (A)

40) “The Weapons with which the bourgeoisie felled feudalism to the ground are now turned against the bourgeoisie itself” are the words:

(A) Engels

(B) Arnold J. Toyenbee

(C) Zorokin

(D) Karl Marx

Ans. (D)

41) What is meant by the term employee empowerment?

(A) A process of giving employees a greater autonomy and decision making powers

(B) A system that encourages workers to move more freely with in the workforce.

(C) The opportunity to share a company’s profits

(D) A formal system of leadership that relies greatly on control

Ans. (A)

42) Maslow, in his triangle of human needs showed that:

(A) Challenging new tasks is the basic human need

(B) Money always motivate workers

(C) ‘Safety’ and security is a low order human need

(D) Workers will not give their best unless they have good social events provided

Ans. (C)

43) Organized descriptions of an activity in a structured form is known as:

(A) Model

(B) Perspective

(C) Skill

(D) Method

Ans. (A)

44) Which one of the following is not the function of community council in community organisation?

(A) Fact finding

(B) Fund raising

(C) Promoting public undertaking

(D) Coordination of activities

Ans. (B)

45) Client worker relationship is essentially:

(A) Personal

(B) Purposive

(C) Social

(D) Sympathetic

Ans. (B)

46) Protection against social contingencies is:

(A) Social Welfare

(B) Social Service

(C) Social Welfare Service

(D) Social Security

Ans. (D)

47) “Cultural Differences” are emphasized in which year’s Human Development Report?

(A) Human Development Report- 2002

(B) Human Development Report- 2003

(C) Human Development Report- 2004

(D) Human Development Report- 2006

Ans. (C)

48) Which of the following approach makes a shift towards channelizing social services to needy people?

(A) Basic need approach

(B) Unified approach

(C) Equalitarian approach

(D) Holistic approach

Ans. (A)

49) The calculated value of Chi-Square is:

(A) Always positive

(B) Always negative

(C) Both positive and negative

(D) Neither positive nor negative

Ans. (A)

50) Aaron Beck is related to :

(A) Gestalt therapy

(B) Cognitive therapy

(C) Client-centered therapy

(D) Task-centered therapy

Ans. (B) 


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