Model Questions on Human Right

 Go though the following model questions paper which may help you to prepare for your semester and final year examination,

  1.     What is Public Interest Litigation (PIL)
  2.    What do you mean by social legislation?
  3.    Define the meaning of human right.
  4.    What is social justice?
  5.   What is the meaning of legal Aid?
  6.   What is right to equality?
  7. What do you mean by discrimination?
  8. What is Fundamental Right?
  9.   Define the meaning of protective discrimination.
  10.  What is economic disability?
  11.    Social Work is a human right profession. Explain.
  12.   Discuss the reasons of political backwardness of scheduled caste.
  13. What is the constitutional safeguard for weaker section?
  14. Write a short note on Dalit Liberation Movement.
  15. What is the UN declaration of Human Right?
  16.  Discuss the important reasons of social inequality in India?
  17.  Differentiate between Human Right and Social Justice?
  18.  Discuss the problems of scheduled Tribe of India.
  19. What are the basic differences between Fundamental Right and UN Declaration of human right?
  20. Write down the functions of International Human Right Commission (IHRC)
  21. What are the strategies of the government to improve the condition of scheduled caste? Discuss
  22.   Legal Aid is the instrument of social justice. Critically Discuss
  23.   Discuss the aims and functions of the commission for backward class?
  24. What is economic and political justice? How do you achieve it?
  25.  Why is untouchability big social problem for India? Discuss.
  26. What are the constitutional measures to protect human rights of weaker section? Explain.
  27. What are the fundamental duties? Discuss.
  28. Briefly explain the outcome of Dalit Liberation Movement.

  29. What is social classification of scheduled caste?What do you mean by human right protection?

  30. What is atrocity and what are the legal measure available for the protection?

  31. Public Interest Litigation is an instrument of social change .Explain.

  32. What are the classification of scheduled caste?

  33. What are the differences between Gandhian and Ambedkar’s approaches?

  34. Write a brief essay on the Ambedkar’s approach to bring about social justice?

  35. Write down the significance of the protection of human right act.

  36. How does human right protection contribute to the social justice?

  37. Write an essay on the importance of human right in international relation.Social Work practice to secure rights and social justice for the weaker section of the society. Discuss

  38. Who are the weaker section of the society? What are the various classification to identify them?

  39. Write down the importance of protection of bonded labor abolition act.

  40. Write as short essay on the role and objectives of National Human Right Commission of India.

  41. Explain the socio economic problem of bonded labor in India.

  42. Name regional human right institution and explain their main functions.

  43. What is Law?

  44. Write one objective of post matric scholarship for ST?

  45. P.C.R Stands for?

  46. What do you mean by constitutional remedies?

  47. What is the full form of O.B.C?

  48. What do you mean by politicization of backward classes?

  49. What do you mean by Dalit?

  50. What is the commission for ST?

  51. Who do you call the minority of the society?

  52. Explain the meaning of Justice?


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