10 MCQ on Social Work and Social reform in india 18th February 2023

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1-When did social reform and social work start in India?

a. 18th century b. 19th century c. 20th century d. 17th century Answer: b. 19th century 2-Who is referred to as the initiator of social reform in India? a. Raja Ram Mohan Roy b. Akbar c. Ashoka d. Kanishka Answer: a. Raja Ram Mohan Roy 3-What was the mainstay of Indian culture in ancient period according to the passage? a. Education b. Charity and religious devotion c. Political power d. Warfare Answer: b. Charity and religious devotion 4-Which ancient Indian work refers to construction work for public good by joint efforts of villagers? a. Rigveda b. Mahabharata c. Ramayana d. Arthasastra Answer: d. Arthasastra 5-Which social work activity was popular in ancient India? a. Collective charity b. Donating to political parties c. Volunteering for international organizations d. Starting businesses Answer: a. Collective charity 6-According to Geeta, who must strive towards the fulfillment of its duty to serve the poor, handicapped and underprivileged? a. The privileged sections b. The underprivileged sections c. The educated sections d. The religious sections Answer: a. The privileged sections 7-Which philosophy emphasized on the punya and dana (charity)? a. Hinduism b. Buddhism c. Jainism d. Sikhism Answer: b. Buddhism 8-During which period did guilds arise as significant corporate bodies entrusted with political and economic functions? a. Ancient period b. Medieval period c. Modern period d. None of the above Answer: a. Ancient period 9-What were the earliest attempts to establish an administrative system made during the ancient period? a. Construction of roads b. Agriculture c. General welfare d. All of the above Answer: d. All of the above 10-What were the duties of the King towards the welfare and happiness of his subjects according to Kautilya? a. Maintenance of peace b. Protection from external forces c. Levying of taxes d. All of the above Answer: d. All of the above


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