25 MCQ on Profile of Tribal Communities

25 MCQ on Profile of Tribal Communities

25 MCQ on Profile of Tribal Communities 

Question 1: Which of the following terms is commonly used to refer to the traditional administrative system of many tribal communities? A. Panchayat B. Gram Sabha C. Ghotul D. Municipality Answer: C. Ghotul

Question 2: Tribal communities often have unique cultural practices related to social gatherings and celebrations. What is the term for the collective dance and song events in many tribal cultures? A. Powwow B. Satsang C. Holi D. Powal Answer: A. Powwow

Question 3: Which of the following is a major economic activity among tribal communities that involves shifting cultivation and is also known as "slash and burn" farming? A. Horticulture B. Aquaculture C. Sericulture D. Jhum cultivation Answer: D. Jhum cultivation

Question 4: In the context of tribal communities, what does the term "scheduled tribes" refer to in India? A. A specific caste group B. A specific tribe group C. A socially disadvantaged group D. An agricultural community Answer: B. A specific tribe group

Question 5: Which of the following is a prominent tribal community in North America known for their distinctive totem poles and rich cultural heritage? A. Maori B. Inuit C. Haida D. Sami Answer: C. Haida

Question 6: The Santals, Bhils, Gonds, and Oraons are examples of tribal communities in which country? A. India B. Australia C. Brazil D. Canada Answer: A. India

Question 7: Which of the following is a primary source of livelihood for many tribal communities, involving the hunting and gathering of food and resources? A. Agriculture B. Fishing C. Hunting and gathering D. Industry Answer: C. Hunting and gathering

Question 8: Tribal communities often have their distinct languages. Which Indian state has the highest number of recognized Scheduled Tribes and hence a diverse range of tribal languages? A. Maharashtra B. Odisha C. Tamil Nadu D. Punjab Answer: B. Odisha

Question 9: Which term describes a social structure in certain tribal communities where descent and inheritance are traced through the female line? A. Matriarchy B. Patriarchy C. Monarchy D. Oligarchy Answer: A. Matriarchy

Question 10: Which of the following is a major issue faced by many tribal communities concerning their land and resources? A. Industrial pollution B. Overpopulation C. Land alienation D. Water scarcity Answer: C. Land alienation

Question 11: Which Indian state is known for its largest concentration of Scheduled Tribes? A. Rajasthan B. Madhya Pradesh C. Uttar Pradesh D. Karnataka Answer: B. Madhya Pradesh

Question 12: What term refers to the practice of marrying within a specific tribal or caste group, often to maintain social and cultural traditions? A. Endogamy B. Exogamy C. Polygamy D. Monogamy Answer: A. Endogamy

Question 13: Which of the following is a famous tribal dance form from the northeastern states of India? A. Bihu B. Kathakali C. Bharatanatyam D. Garba Answer: A. Bihu

Question 14: In the context of tribal communities, what is a significant aspect of their traditional medicine and healing practices? A. Yoga B. Ayurveda C. Acupuncture D. Unani Answer: B. Ayurveda

Question 15: Which of the following is a key factor contributing to the preservation of tribal languages and cultures? A. Globalization B. Assimilation C. Cultural exchange D. Bilingual education Answer: D. Bilingual education

Question 16: Which of the following regions is known for its indigenous Maori population? A. Africa B. Australia C. New Zealand D. South America Answer: C. New Zealand

Question 17: In many tribal communities, what is the term for the spiritual leader and healer who plays a significant role in rituals and ceremonies? A. Shaman B. Guru C. Monk D. Priest Answer: A. Shaman

Question 18: Which of the following is a well-known tribe of Native Americans residing in the southwestern United States known for their intricate pottery and rug weaving? A. Apache B. Hopi C. Mohawk D. Lakota Answer: B. Hopi

Question 19: Tribal communities often have a strong connection to nature and the environment. Which of the following terms refers to the spiritual belief that natural objects have souls? A. Animism B. Monotheism C. Polytheism D. Humanism Answer: A. Animism

Question 20: Which tribal community is associated with the traditional practice of 'fire-walking' during their festivals? A. Maasai B. Aeta C. Mundari D. Toda Answer: D. Toda

Question 21: In the context of tribal communities, what is the term for a system of social organization where descent and inheritance are traced through the male line? A. Patriarchy B. Matriarchy C. Polygamy D. Exogamy Answer: A. Patriarchy

Question 22: Which of the following is a major concern for tribal communities regarding their access to education and healthcare? A. Language barriers B. Technological advancements C. Economic prosperity D. Political representation Answer: A. Language barriers

Question 23: The 'Dreaming' or 'Dreamtime' is a fundamental concept in the spiritual beliefs of which indigenous Australian tribal group? A. Maori B. Aborigines C. Zulu D. Inuit Answer: B. Aborigines

Question 24: Which tribe is known for their distinct hand-woven baskets and is one of the largest Native American tribes in the United States? A. Navajo B. Pueblo C. Nez Perce D. Iroquois Answer: A. Navajo

Question 25: In India, which state is primarily inhabited by the Bodo tribal community? A. Assam B. Jharkhand C. Chhattisgarh D. Mizoram Answer: A. Assam


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