Principles Of Recording In Group Work

1. Introduction.
2. Principle. 
3. Principle of flexibility
4. Principle of selection.
5. Principle of readability. 
6. Principle of confidentiality.
7. Principle of worker acceptance.
In the last chapter, we have understood the importance of recording in social group work practice. The recording is not only an important component in social group work but also a comprehensive document for the evaluation of the growth and the development of the group members. To make this recording more persuasive more accurate the following principles need to be checked.
What is the principle?
Principles can be understood as the proposition or statement of expressing of judgment, standard rules, values or opinion that guides behavior or evaluation. It can also be understood as an idea and rules that can explain or controls how something happens and works.
The following are the principles of recording in social group work practice. The group work is required to adhere to the prescribed principles of recording.
1. Principles of flexibility.
2. Principles of Selection.
3. Principles of Readability 
4. Principles of Confidentiality. 
5. Principles of Worker Acceptance.
1-The principles of Flexibility. 
The principle of flexibility clearly defines that when the objective and work nature of the agencies get change, in accordance with the change effect the recording content must be changed and give emphasizes on another aspect as well.
2-The principles of Selection. 
The recording of the group work does not necessarily contain all the information about the group activities unless it is significant and informative for the same. Here the worker keeps recording some selective significant observation about individuals and their process of interaction in the group environment. His/her selection of the content may be from the commencement of the group activities to the behavior pattern of the individuals.
3-The principles of readability. 
The ideal report or record should be kept as simple as possible for the greater significance in the future group work process. Records should be written systematically followed by the principles of readability
4-The principles of confidentiality.
This principle of confidentiality is largely influenced by the generic principles of social casework and social work. These principles stand on the practice of keeping the information and communication of the client as secret as possible and make the information confidential.
5-The principles of worker acceptance. 
 The responsibility of keeping the record should become as important as other responsibilities of the worker. The worker should realize and acknowledge that the recording is a vital part of the entire group work process. 


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