Recording In Social Group Work


  1. Overview
  2. An introduction
  3. Meaning and concept of recording
  4. Importance of recording 
  5. Conclusion   
Social Work practitioners and experts have recognized and appreciate the importance and usefulness of "Recording in the social work profession. According to Marry Richmond, the records are the basis for her study of practice. Moreover, the recording has always been helpful for the social group worker in coordinating and evaluating the service needs and the result. Writing record is generally accepted as a best practice in the various social work setting in which the worker has to keep an accurate, and reliable account of the process which are taking place within the group environment. Recording extends and supplements enough scope for review and memory recall.
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 Recording in group work means writing the description of the individual's activity, the relationship with the group and the entire process that transact between the member and the group as a whole. Here, social group worker writes about the members and their response to one another, different pattern of behavior, their movement, frequency of their participation are the basis of the recording.

Meaning and concept of the recording.
Social Work dictionary defines " Recording is the process of putting in writing keeping in file relevant information about the client system, the problem, the intervention, the process of treatment, the social-economic and health factor contributing to the situation and the procedures for termination or referral." It is also defined by social welfare agencies as a maintenance an account of dealing with the service user.
It is apparently understood that a social group worker keeps a recording of the process to document and keep hold of information about the members of the group and that useful information is being used in planning, implementation, and evaluation is known to be the social group work recording.

Importance of the recording 
Keeping the record and preparing it is indeed an important component of social work practice because of the following significances.
  1. Recording helps the worker to recognize and understand the group members.
  2. It helps the group worker to understand the entire group.
  3. It helps the worker to identify  needs and problem of the members 
  4. It helps to prepare a proper comprehensive document of activities and services rendered to the members of the group.
  5. It provides evidence of changes, growth, development of the members.
  6. Enables the group worker to facilitate better service to do a more effective job with his group.
  7. It helps to asses the emergence of group consciousness.
  8. It plays as the source of information for future planning.
  9. Recording can be used as a referral document for communication between members and agencies 
  10. It works as a foundation for the pre-review system.
  11. It helps to promote continuity, and the uniformity of the group process and with each service delivered.
  12. It helps to demonstrate and measure worker accountability.
  13.  Record is considered to be an instrument of evaluation processes
  14. It can be used for research, performance improvement and developing theory.
  15. Recording helps to organize the information and serve as the model of the reference data.
The recording has been used in social work in every field of education and it is equally considered as an important component of social group work practice which involves, reviewing, selecting, analyzing and organizing information about the total group work process. Hence the worker needs to be careful while keeping the records of the group.

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