Social Group Work Skills

  • Concept .
  • Introduction.
  • Skills in establishing a relationship.
  • Skills in analyzing group situations.
  • Skills in group participation.
  • Skills in group program development 
  • Skills in dealing with group feeling.
  • Skills in using agencies and community resources.
  • Skills in evaluation.


Often the term skills refer to the meaning of an ability to perform or capacity to carrying out a particular task. According to the Webster dictionary, it defines that the skills “about knowledge of expertness in execution and performance” All professional workers obtain the degree of professional skills relevant to their field of profession. According to (Tracker) Method means the purposeful use of the insight and understanding based upon a body of knowledge and principles. And skills are the capacity to apply knowledge and understanding to a given situation.

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The work styles of a professional are designed and characterized by some defined technique and skills to make the task accomplished. As far as the group work skills are concerned, Corey (2000) identify some of the skills such as leadership skills, active listening,skills,,restraining,clarifying and,summarizing,questioning, suggesting, confronting, reflecting, initiating, and facilitating, These some of the skills can also be the task of the social group worker. To become more productive group work needs to develop the following skills and ability according to the (Tracker) 
  • Skills in establishing a purposeful relationship
  • Skills in analyzing group situations.
  • Skills in group participation.
  • Sills in group program development
  • Skills in dealing with the group feeling.
  • Skills in using agencies and community resources.
  • And skills in evaluation.
Skills establishing purposeful relationship  
  1. The group worker must be skillful in establishing a purposeful relationship with the members of the group at the same time ensuring positive acceptance of the group and should be able to relate himself/herself to the group effect on the professional basis.The group worker should have the skills to make the group member accept each other and help in joining the group in common pursuits.
Skills in analyzing group situation.
The worker must be skillful in helping the group member to express their ideas, and to work out on those ideas to attain the objectives. It is also expected from a group working to judge effectively the development, and progress level of the group and examining the needs and a requirement, and the movement of the group.
Skills in participation in the group
The group worker must know assumption, interpretation, and modification of his own roles with the group. He/she is expected to help the member to participate, to locate leadership among themselves, and they should be able to take responsibility of themselves.
Skills in group program development
  1. It is desirable from the group worker to design and develop programs for the group through which the needs of the member of the group are met. The role of the worker to guide and locate various helpful resources that can be utilized by the members for the program purpose.
  2. While developing the program the worker must help individuals to make use of the specialized service through the means of referral to meet their needs.
Skills in dealing with group feeling.
Both the positive and negative feelings of the group member should be realized by the worker and facilitate the member to realize the same. She/he must be skillful to study the ever-changing environment of the group with the degree of objectivity. The worker is expected to help the group member to analyze the situation as a part of his/her working through interaction and resolving the conflict.
Skills in Using agencies and community resources.
Effective use of the resources is the important skill of the social group worker. Here the group worker expected to locate various resources that are available in agency and community and to make them utilize for the purpose of the program development.
Skills in evaluation.                  
Skills in evaluation is must for the social group work as the development process and different happening in the group must be recording. These records and data should be useful for the group review and evaluation of the program.


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