Social group work is a method of social work

The concept of group work practice was largely influenced by the work of Tracker (1958) and Wilson Rayland (1949), Coyel (1954) As the theorist says it is the process through which individuals are helped to acquire experience of relating to others. As G .Konopka says, Group work is a method of social work which helps individuals to enhance their social functioning through purposeful group experience and to cope more effectively with personal, group and community problem. The social functioning competencies is depended on a extends on the experience of the person in their interaction with other people. The practice of group work has not only been limited to solving an individual’s problem alone, the use of group work simultaneously has become popular in community work practice as well. Community workers are forming various kinds of groups for meeting community needs or delivery service in the community.

A method is defined and understood as the conscious procedures or design of achieving a goal. A method is a process or way of doing something with an arrangement of knowledge, understanding, and principles lets discuss the following points to understand the group work as a method of social work.

Group work is multidimensional  activity of social work   
Group work is multidimensional activities which can be used in any social work setting be it medical or school of social work to help every individual who are suffering from various problems. It is a method of social work which uses its generic principles and techniques to solve an individual’s problem through the adequate use of group activities and making use of the various program. The group work aims at fulfilling the general objectives of the social work helping an individual to solve his or her adjustment related problem along with helping them to meet and fulfill their humanitarian needs. Group work can be used to work with the children and youth, group work with the women and elderly are some of the examples.
It is based on the humanitarian philosophy and democratic principles of social work
The foundation of the group work has been strongly based on humanitarian and democratic principles. However, these stated principles, democratic thoughts, and ideas are the core essence of social work. The group work values the same as the generic values of social work. The principles of worker group relationships are the principles of group work, a purposeful group relationship is absolutely required to initiate the group process. The process can’t take place in the group without establishing purposeful relationships among the members and with the group workers. It is also about and encourages democratic self-determination which reflects the ideas of allowing the group to make its own decision and determining own activities.
Knowledgebase of social work influence social group work.
Group work is often understood as the teamwork or activities carried out by the team members. It has come into full being by developing theories, approaches, models, principles, skills, tools, and techniques which are almost influenced by the different domain of studies. The completeness of the group work is propounded and deeply rooted in the core theories of social work in the profession. The knowledge base guides the group worker to form effectively the group and design the program keeping in view of the principles while preparing for the program planning
The intervention of social work through the use of the social group.
The prime objective of social work is to solve the individual problem and helping people to help themselves to overcome theme their problems. Group work is the medium in which an individual’s problem is solved through a collective approach to social work. The group is effectively used in social work practice to support individuals in their personal growth, rehabilitation, and changes and bring out changes and to prevent social problems. Groups can be used in influencing individuals and society. The use of group intervention according to Hartford are mentioned below.
  1. Intervention for bringing changes in the social situation including community or society through pressures, dissemination of information etc.
  2. Focus in given on the task orientation, socialization motivation, attitudes formation, and charges as well as achieving a sense of belongingness 
Hartford therefore concluded that group work is focusing influencing individuals to accomplishing greater social changes. This is what the soul goal of social work which can be accomplished by making use of the social group work.From the above points and discussion, we get to know that social group is a method of social work.


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