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Man can't live in isolation. Growing, surviving and experience social life is possible only by becoming part of any group be it family or society. While becoming part of the group the society and the individuals develop and experience different sorts of interference which leads to maladjustment of individuals with the social environment. In another hand when individuals find difficult to adjust themselves in his or her given surrounding or failed to have better social functioning in the society then the demand for intervention is arising out. The constructive intervention to help individuals to have better social functioning through social interaction and social relationships and the constructive adequate intervention is employed in the form of group work which is known as the method of social work. It has the potential ability to form and make a constructive relationship through group activity and programs. Gisela Konopka (1963) state that social group work is a method of social work which helps individuals to enhance their social functioning through a purposeful group experience. However Allan and Brown and others have also pointed out hat group work can emphasis action and influence as well as reaction and adoption hence they argue that., group work provides a platform in which individuals help each other and method of helping group and individuals as well. According to Lawrence Shulman( 1979)  group work as a mutual aid system,' the worker sees to help people to help each other. To understand the group clearly let's examine the various definition of social group work.

Coyle (1937)
Social group work aims at the development of a person through the interplay of personalities in a group situation, and at the creation of such group situations as provided for such integrated, cooperative group action for common ends.

Hamilaton (1954)
Social group work is a psychosocial process and is concerned no less than with developing leadership ability and cooperation than with building on interest for the group for a social purpose.
Wilson and Rayland  (1949)
We see social group work is a process and method through which group life is affected by a worker who consciously directs the interaction process towards the accomplishment of goals which in our contrary are conceived in a democratic frame of reference.

Social Group work is a method through which individual in groups in social agency settings are helped by a worker who guides their interaction in program activities so that they may relate themselves to other and experience growth opportunity in accordance with their needs and capacities to the end of the individuals, group and community development.
Konokpa (1963)
Social group work is a method  of social work which helps individuals to enhance their social functioning through purposeful group experience and to cope more effectively with their personal group community problem
American Association of Group Worker (1948)
Group work is a method by which the worker enables various types of groups to functions in such a way that both group interaction and program activity contribute to the growth of the individuals and the achievement of the desired goals.

Key meaning from the definition.
  1. Group work is a method of social work. (Tracker.H.B 1955 &ASGW1967)
  2. It is a process and method through which group life is affected by a worker. (Wilson&Ryland)
  3. Social group work is a psychosocial process.  (Hamilton 1949)
  4. Group work is a development process through the interplay of personality in a group situation. (Coyle1937)
  5. Group work is an educational process emphasizing social development and social adjustment of the individuals. (Newsletter 1935)
A brief analysis of the definition 
  1. Group work is a method of social work. Social group work has special knowledge, skills, tools understanding, principles through which it achieves the desired objectives of the group. On this front, the worker cultivates himself with the knowledge of individuals, groups, and communities' behavior and skills of working with them and accordingly employee the group work method for better social significance. The worker empowers self with the principles, group work methodology, planned group formation, purposeful relationship, program development. G.Konopka rightly says that group work is a method of social work which helps individuals to cope effectively in society as well as to have better social functioning in the social environment.
  2. In addition to the above explanation, the group work is also known to be a process in which the members of the group become part of achieving some definite goals(Wilson). The interaction process. behaviors, the diverse field of background are the major features that influence the members of the group continuously
  3. The social development of the person is collectively influenced by the way of group living. Hence  Grace Coyle is of the opinion of the group work as the process of social and personality development of a member of the group.
  4. The method of social work is also called to be a psychosocial process by Hamilton (1949) as it is very much concerned about enhancing leadership quality among the members of the group for the attainment of the social purpose. It is more about bringing out the internal matter to the outer expression.
  5. The method is considered as the educational process which emphasizes on the social adjustment and social development of individuals (Newsletter 1935) The employment of group work is significantly worth for the enhancement of social and personal development of the group.


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