Historical development of social case work

The practice of social  case work at present century is purely predominated by western theories and model.The development of modern social case work is the result of the work of significant personalities and organizations of those earlier time.Individual from the beginning were helped by individuals and organization to solve his/her problem.Religions played an important roles in helping helpless individuals. However, helping individuals to solve his/her problem has been shifted from individuals help to professional form of service over the periods. To understand the development of social case work let's look at the four historical perspective of the development of the social case work.
  • The beginning of social case work.
  • Professionalization of social case work 
  • Social Case work become the method of social work.
1-The beginning of social case work.

  1. From the beginning  the poor  has always been the  concern of humanities,religious,institution,philanthropist,and the administrators.
  2. The association for the improving  the condition of poor (AICP) was established in the year 1843 in USA. The association used to gave emphasize on home visit,counselling,and assisting people for getting employment.The core value of the association was self respect, self dependent and self reliable.
  3. The AICP work approaches gradually  replaced the traditional work of  earlier social services under the influence of Elizabethan Poor Law (1601)which was charity centeric in nature.
  4. The growth of social case work has been greatly influenced by the establishment of Charity Organization Society (COS) 1877. Main work of Charity organization Society were, determining the client needs, relief giving registration making and  the use of volunteers and the volunteer well known to be Friendly visitor.
  5. The Charity Organization Society discovered that all the poor were not alike they should be treated differently and a paper was also presented  at the  National Conference  of Charity and Corrections enunciated and emphasized the principles of individualization.Thereafter the concept of scientific charity came into practice.
  6. In between 1914-1917 the  first training program for social case work was started.Friendly visitors latter stage received training and investigation,diagnosis, and treatment . The term work with case was first time used in National Conference in USA.
  7. In the time, the Charity Organization Society gave birth  to Family Welfare Association.
2-Professionalization of Social Case Work
  1. During the first world war,emphasize were given on the social aspects.And the causes of the social problem were found in the larger social and economic pressures in which people lived.
  2. During the impact of world War social work began popular and large number of people came to know about social case work. By the time social case work has already emerged as a accepted formal techniques in USA.
  3. In this time social case worker adopted new psycho analytical approaches to understand the client's problem effectively.
  4. The first book on Social Case Work was published  by Marry Richmond "Social Diagnosis" which is considered to be the land mark happening for the emergence of the modern social case work.
  5. In 1920s   the case work was to reconstruct  the twisted personality under the Freudian influence.
  6. During the 1940 case worker were exposed to the formulation of ego psychology based on the observation of human being as regarded their differential copying and adopted ability in the time of stress.
3-Social Case work method of social work.
  1. In the 1920 there had been shift from the focus of individuals to modification and manipulation of the client environment to enable him to adopt the environment satisfactorily.
  2. After post world war social case worker found social sciences more useful interest in socio economic environment. along with ego psychology and draw more attention to the definition of Marry Richmond (1922)
  3. That  the case work consist of those process  which develop personalities through adjustment consciously affected ,individually by individuals  between men and their social environment.
Social case work has been trying to advent social work as a general discipline.In this notion the formation of Charity Organization Society and the Settlement Movement was trying to solve the socio economic problem of individual while social case work was primarily focus on the method of intervention


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