Daily UGC NET Social Work MCQ 7th October 2022

 1The social institution is-

(A) An established procedure that regulates human behavior
(B) A place where social functions are organized
(C) An organization where social positions are formally defined
(D) An organization that administers social service
Ans. (A)
2. The division of society into upper and lower order is known as-
(A) Class
(B) Caste
(C) Stratification
(D) Differentiation
Ans. (C)
3. Who used the concept of ‘Persona’ related to the theory of personality?
(A) Carl Jung
(B) Frued
(C) Erikson
(D) Adler
Ans. (A)
4. Change or stability in mental abilities such as learning, attention, memory, language, thinking, reasoning and creativity is known as-
(A) Human development
(B) Cognitive development
(C) Social development
(D) Political development
Ans. (B)
5. The principle of Social Casework are-
I. Joint decision making
II. Acceptance
III. Non-judgmental  attitude
IV. Individualization

Ans. (D)


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