The concept of 'T' and 'Me' with reference to development of 'self' was used by

The concept of "I" and "Me" with reference to the development of self was used by George Herbert Mead.

Mead was a social psychologist who believed that the self is not a fixed entity, but rather a process that is constantly evolving through our interactions with others. He proposed that the self has two components: the "I" and the "Me."

The "I" is the impulsive, spontaneous, and unpredictable aspect of the self. It is the part of us that is constantly responding to new situations and stimuli. The "Me" is the socialized aspect of the self. It is the part of us that is made up of the roles we play in society, the expectations of others, and our own self-awareness.

Mead believed that the "I" and the "Me" are in constant interplay with each other. The "I" provides the creative spark that allows us to respond to new situations in new ways. The "Me" provides the structure and stability that allows us to function effectively in society.

The development of the self, according to Mead, is a process that begins in early childhood. As children interact with others, they begin to develop a sense of who they are and how they fit into the world. They learn the roles that are expected of them, and they begin to develop their own self-awareness.

The "I" and the "Me" continue to develop throughout our lives as we continue to interact with others and learn new things. The balance between the two aspects of the self can change over time, but they always remain in interplay with each other.

The concept of "I" and "Me" has been influential in the field of psychology, and it continues to be used by researchers and clinicians today. It is a helpful way to understand the complex process of self-development, and it can be used to help people understand themselves better and to make changes in their lives.

The answer to the question is G.H. Mead.


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