According to the Mental Healthcare Act 2017, which of the following is NOT TRUE for the treatment of mental illness?

The Anti-untouchability League was set for the eradication of untouchability by :

In a research inclined towards interpretivism. the appropriate research approach would be:

Which of the following variables are amenable for statistical calculation such as mean. median, standard deviation, and correlation ?

When a research inference based on a sample holds true for the universe, it is called:

What is the main difference between a concept and a variable?

Name the sampling design in which cases are selected on the basis of their ability to contribute to theory development by disproving or elaborating the theory:

Which among the following is the most serious fallacy relating to literature review?

Which of the following is not a measure of dispersion?

The time in the research where nothing new is found in the setting and in which researchers may even lose their perspective if they stay in the setting any longer is termed as :

Which of the following is not considered a value of the social work profession?

The individual who most significantly expounded the notion of "Class Consciousness" is:

Who is the author of the book ‘Peasant Society and Culture’?

Human Development Index is a composite of

Former president Dr.Abdul Kalam's PURA refers to

New agriculture policy was started in the year of

The book of 'India's Economic Policy: Preparing for the Twenty first Century' written by

The model of community organization propounded by Rothman is

Social Pathology means

Lok Adalat refers to:

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