The model of community organization propounded by Rothman is

Social Pathology means

Lok Adalat refers to:

Personification is

The roadmap that guides the behavior of the members of a society is called

The purging of repressed emotions to get relief is called

Who is the nodal body for adoption in India?

The Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952

The book entitled “Two Treaties on Civil Government” is by (B) John Locke.

Which of the following are the factors that affect learning?

The Six Principles of Indigenous Community Organization

The Phrase "Tool in Treatment" and Its Origins

What does the acryonym 'ASHA' mean?

The concept of 'T' and 'Me' with reference to development of 'self' was used by

Who is the Author of Differential Association Theory?

William Beveridge's Five Giants

What does it mean for social work to be a practice-based profession?

The Human Relations School of Thought

How Settlement Houses Helped the Poor Learn Skills for Urban Living

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