Former president Dr.Abdul Kalam's PURA refers to

PURA, which stands for Providing Urban Amenities to Rural Areas, was a concept developed by former Indian president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. It was a vision for rural development in India that aimed to bridge the gap between urban and rural areas by providing urban amenities and infrastructure in rural areas. The goal was to create self-sustaining rural clusters that would provide economic opportunities and improve the quality of life for rural residents.

PURA was based on the idea that rural development could not be achieved by simply providing subsidies or handouts to rural areas. Instead, it was necessary to create an environment that would attract investment and entrepreneurship. PURA proposed to do this by providing urban amenities such as:

  • Physical connectivity: Roads, railways, and other transportation links to connect rural areas to urban centers and markets.

  • Electronic connectivity: Access to telecommunications, internet, and other information technology services.

  • Knowledge connectivity: Educational institutions, research centers, and other sources of knowledge and expertise.

  • Economic connectivity: Markets, financial institutions, and other economic opportunities.

By providing these amenities, PURA aimed to create rural clusters that would be attractive to businesses, investors, and skilled workers. This would lead to increased economic activity, job creation, and improved living standards in rural areas.

PURA was a comprehensive and ambitious vision for rural development in India. It was an attempt to address the root causes of rural poverty and underdevelopment by creating an environment that would foster economic growth and improve the quality of life for rural residents.

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