60 MCQ on Business Administration

60 MCQ on Business Administration

1. The Competition Commission of India approved acquisition of upto 58.92% stake in HealthCare Global Enterprises Limited by which company?
a)   Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd.
b)   Aceso Company Pte. Ltd.
c)   GIC Housing Finance Ltd
d)   Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd
Answer: B
2. The Competition Commission of India has approved the proposed combination which involves Eros International Plc, STX Filmworks Inc and Marco Alliance Limited. Competition Commission of India was formed in which year?
a)   2003
b)   2009
c)   2006
d)   2014
Answer: A
3. Which Indian company is set to acquire Mumbai based private sector general insurer Raheja QBE General Insurance Company Limited in a deal worth around $76 million?
a)   Myntra
b)   Paytm
c)   Flipkart
d)   Phonepe
Answer: B
4. According to the COVID-19 and Tourism: Assessing the Economic Consequences published by UNCTAD the World Tourism sector could lose how much money?
a)   1.2 trillion USD
b)   2.2 trillion USD
c)   3.2 trillion USD
d)   4.2 trillion USD
Answer: A
5. Which US private equity giant has agreed to acquire a 54% stake in Mumbai-based drug manufacturer JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals for approximately Rs 3100 crore?
a)   The Blackstone Group
b)   Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
c)   The Carlyle Group
d)   KKR Group
Answer: D
6. According to UN Study, the Online share of retail sales jumps to how much percent amid lockdowns?
a)   20%
b)   21%
c)   19%
d)   22%
Answer: C
7. How much amount has been committed by Citibank to support COVID-19 relief measures in India?
a)   Rs.250 cr
b)   Rs.130 cr
c)   Rs.200 cr
d)   Rs.150 cr
Answer: Option C
8. Who is the winner of the 2021 UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize?
a)   Maria Ressa
b)   Cheche Lazaro
c)   Rodrigo Duterte
d)   Mike Enriquez
Answer: A
9. In restructuring of loan resolution frame 2.0 for individual borrowers and small businesses, the outstanding loan of these borrowers must be upto how much to avail the facility?
a)   Rs 30 crore
b)   Rs 15 crore
c)   Rs 20 crore
d)   Rs 25 crore
Answer: D
10. Mahesh Balasubramanian has been appointed as the new MD of which of these life insurance companies?
a)   Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Company
b)   ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company
c)   Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Company
d)   HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company
Answer: A
11. The TRIFED has signed an MoU with which organisation for the project 'Sustainable Livelihoods For Tribal Households in India'?
a)   Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
b)   The LINK Fund
c)   The Giving Pledge
d)   UNICEF India
Answer: Option B
12. SHWAS and AROG are the two new loan products launched by which institution amid the fight against COVID-19?
a)   World Bank
b)   SBI
c)   ADB
d)   SIDBI
Answer: Option D
13. What is the global rank of Indian insurance major LIC in the 2021 Brand Finance Insurance 100 report, that measures the most valuable insurance brand globally?
a)   10
b)   20
c)   5
d)   15
Answer: A
14. Which company has acquihired delivery startup DailyJoy?
a)   Lenskart
b)   Amazon
c)   Flip kart
d)   Google
Answer: A
15. Which bank has emerged as the top arranger of corporate bond deals in 2020-21 (FY21)?
a)   Kotak Mahindra Bank
b)   Axis Bank
c)   ICICI Bank
d)   HDFC Bank
Answer: D
16. The Shivalik Small Finance Bank Limited has received the license under which Section of the RBI Act to begin operating as SFB?
a)   Section 22 (1)
b)   Section 20 (1)
c)   Section 21 (1)
d)   Section 25 (1)
Answer: Option A
17. Who has been appointed as the managing director of Sundaram Finance Ltd?
a)   Rajiv Lochan
b)   Girish Kumar
c)   Poonam Yadav
d)   Preeti Paul
Answer: Option A
18. Who has signed an agreement with the JPCL to takeover the Rangit - IV Hydroelectric Project in Sikkim?
a)   GHPC
b)   NTPC
c)   NHPC
d)   MHPC
Answer: C
19. Indian Oil signed MoU for hydrogen-generation technology with which institute?
a)   IISc
b)   IIT Kanpur
c)   DTU
d)   None of these
Answer: A
20. Airtel Payments Bank partnered with this insurance company to offer "Smart Plan Shop Package Policy".
a)   Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
b)   Bharti AXA General Insurance
c)   TATA AIG Insurance Company
d)   HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company
Answer: B

    21.Which company ties up with FEBRABAN to develop online business platform?
a)   TCS
b)   Infosys
c)   Wipro
d)   Accenture
Answer: C
22. Name the insurance company which has signed a bancassurance agreement with Indian Bank.
a)   Star Health Insurance
b)   Max Bupa
c)   Max Life Insurance
d)   Apollo Munich Health Insurance
Answer: B
23. Name the entity, that has partnered with Visa Inc to launch SI(standing instructions )-Hub to make recurring payments using cards with a one-time enrollment.
a)   Billdesk
b)   Citrus Pay
c)   Razorpay
d)   Whizpay
Answer: A
24. Which company has partnered with PayU to offer cardless EMI (equated monthly installment) payment option to consumers?
a)   Loantap
b)   Moneytap
c)   CoinTribe
d)   ZestMoney
Answer: D
25. Who became the new CMD of Cognizant India?
a)   V Santhanaraman
b)   Ramkumar Ramamoorthy
c)   R K Bakshi
d)   Vikram Kothari
Answer: B
26. Who organised the National Level Seminar on Anti Drone Technology at New Delhi on 26 September 2019?
a)   Central Bureau of Investigation
b)   National Investigation Agency
c)   Bureau of Police Research and Development
d)   National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science
Answer: C
27. Airtel Payments Bank partners with which of the Insurance company to offer unique Mosquito Diseases Protection Policy (MDPP) to protect against mosquito-borne diseases?
a)   ICICI Lombard
c)   Royal Sundaram General Insurance
d)   Apollo Munich Health Insurance
Answer: B
28. Which Indian company tops in the Forbes' World's best 'regarded' companies list 2019?
a)   Larsen & Toubro
b)   TCS
c)   Infosys
d)   Tata Motors
Answer: C
29. Which mobile network launched Offers 500GB Data and Hotstar Premium Subscription?
a)   Airtel
b)   BSNL
c)   Reliance Jio
d)   Vodafone
Answer: B
30. With which of the following company SBI Life Insurance signs corporate agency agreement to provide SBI Life's range of products to its customers?
a)   Bajaj Finserv
b)   Repco Home Finance
c)   LIC Housing Finance
d)   PNB Housing Finance Limited
Answer: B
31. The Practice of Management written by __________.
a)   Peter F Drucker
b)   Terry
c)   Louis Allan
d)   Hendry Fayol
Answer: A
32. Management is what a manager does.
a)   Peter F Drucker
b)   Terry
c)   Louis Allan
d)   Hendry Fayol
Answer: C
33. The first man who advocated the view that the management should and can be taught is.
a)   harold Koontz
b)   Terry
c)   Louis Allan
d)   Hendry Fayol
Answer: D
34. The first worman authority in management is.
a)   Mary Parkett
b)   Lillian Gilberth
c)   White Head
d)   Elton Mayo
Answer: B
35. To manage is to forecast and plan, to organize, to compound, to co-ordinate and to control. This definition was given by____________.
a)   Peter F Drucker
b)   Hendry Fay
c)   Louis Allan
d)   Terry
Answer: B
36. The type of authority is invested with the persons by virtue of the office held by them is ________.
a)   The acceptance of authority theory
b)   The formal authority theory
c)   The competence theory
d)   The organisaiton theory
Answer: C
37. The process of establishing a time sequence for the work is known as
a)   objective
b)   schedules
c)   procedures
d)   budgets
Answer: B
38. The process whereby a manger shares his work and authority with his subordinates is________.
a)   Decentralisaiton
b)   Responsibility
c)   Delegation
d)   decision making
Answer: C
39. A rigid plan, no scope for discretion
a)   schedules
b)   rule
c)   procedures
d)   budgets
Answer: B
40. The subordinate is granted authority to perform all the functions in his department or division is _________.
a)   general delegation
b)   formal delegation
c)   specific delegation
d)   informal delegation
Answer: A

     41.A National level Business meet was organized by CPWD in which city?
a)   Mumbai
b)   Chennai
c)   New Delhi
d)   Kolkata
Answer: C
42. India with which of the following countries has signed MOC to strengthen cooperation in steel sector?
a)   Russia
b)   USA
c)   Japan
d)   UAE
Answer: C
43. Vistara inked code share agreement with which of the following company?
a)   Alliance Air
b)   GoAir
c)   SpiceJet
d)   Lufthansa
Answer: D
44. What is India's rank in UNCTAD's Business-to-Consumer E-commerce Index 2019?
a)   53rd
b)   63rd
c)   83rd
d)   73rd
Answer: D
45. BSNL has partnered with _________ to let users connect to nearby Wi-Fi hotspots.
a)   Google Pay
b)   PayPal
c)   PhonePe
d)   Paytm
Answer: D
46. What tasks does Human resource management involve?
a)   Attracting employees to the organisation
b)   Recruiting employees
c)   Retaining employees
d)   All of the above
Answer: D
47. What does Unitarism as a human resource management approach assume?
a)   People are individuals and should be treated as such.
b)   People are individuals but should be part of a group.
c)   People in the organisation share the same aims and objectives.
d)   People in the organisation engage in internal competition.
Answer: C
48. To what does diversity in the workplace refer to?
a)   The number of people employed from different ethnic groups.
b)   Increasing the number of women employed in the organisation.
c)   The number of different religious affiliation held by employees in the organisation.
d)   The range of personal characteristics of employees in an organisation.
Answer: D
49. Which of these is not part of human resource policy?
a)   Reward systems
b)   Staff appraisals
c)   Staff development
d)   Suppliers choice
Answer: D
50. What is a PDP?
a)   Personal Development Plan
b)   People Development Plan
c)   Personnel Development Plan
d)   Personal Development Payment
Answer: A
51. Which of the following is not included in a job design?
a)   Identifying what tasks need to be carried out
b)   When and how tasks are to be carried out
c)   The number of tasks to be carried out
d)   The payment rates for the tasks carried out
Answer: D
52. Where can formal employee training and education take place?
a)   Colleges
b)   In the workplace
c)   Training centres
d)   All of the above
Answer: D
53. What is the purpose of employee relations?
a)   Adhere to the law pertaining to workers' rights
b)   Maintain a harmonious working environment
c)   Undertake conflict resolution
d)   All of the above
Answer: D
54. What is OD?
a)   Organizational disputes
b)   Organisational development
c)   Organisational demands
d)   Organisational drift
Answer: B
55. What is the personnel department in an organisation concerned with?
a)   Staff development
b)   Staff attraction
c)   Staff rewards
d)   Staff administration
Answer: D
56. What is the term for the action in which managers at an organisation analyse the current situation of their organisation and then develop plans to accomplish its mission and achieve its goals?
a)   Synergy planning
b)   Strategy formulation
c)   Functional planning
d)   SWOT analysis
Answer: B
57. In the 'five forces model', what is the type of competitive activity that exists between organisations?
a)   The potential for entry into the industry
b)   The threat of substitute products
c)   The power of customers
d)   The level of rivalry
Answer: D
58. Profitability stemming from how well a firm positions itself in the market is a key feature of which writer's view on strategy?
a)   Peter Drucker
b)   Jay Barney
c)   Michael Porter
d)   Henry Mintzberg
Answer: C
59. What does PEST stand for?
a)   Political, environmental, strategic, testing
b)   Political, environmental, strategic, technological
c)   Political, economic, strategic, technological
d)   Political, economic, social, technological
Answer: D
60. Which one is not an element in the primary activities of a value chain?
a)   Procurement
b)   Inbound logistics
c)   Outbound logistics
d)   Service
Answer: A



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