Children’s needs are Jewels than the Women’s

Children’s needs are Jewels than the Women’s



Childhood should be care free, playing in the sun, not living a nightmare in the darkness of soul


The more prior and dynamism of the society is CHILDREN. They are the future citizens of our country. Every men and women’s first stage is childhood, they grown up by both physically and mentally. There’s a saying “Today’s children are Tomorrow’s citizen “.

As we know children’s are the most deprived group in our nation, in Odisha 85. 9% of children belong’s to rural and semi-urban areas. Where they do not get minimum affordability to enjoy their childhood. They cannot win their basic rights and principles :

1.      Right to Survival: every child have their own rights to meet both physical and mental needs and that are the most basic to existence an adequate nutrition,  shelter  cloth and must access medical services . They must maintain healthy standard of life, without any difficulties.


2.      Right to Protection: It defines, every child must be protected from economic exploitation, physical negligence, hazardous work, mental torches or violence etc.  There three Rs to work for the wellbeing of a child are Recognize, Report, Refuse these are the safety measures for children.  



3.      Right to Participation: It is the core point to engage each children in every ground for intellectual development. They should take place in all the events that opportunity must be provided to them. They can take their own decision, participate to discuss and express their points.


4.      Right to Development: It speaks about all round development of children. Active involvement and contribution are important requirements for successful and sustainable improvements for the benefit of children and the implementation of development programs. Participation helps children developing new skills and competences and improving their self-confidence.


They unable to get those minimum equipment as a result they consider as Children in Poverty. If we talk about today’s progress towards children in all over the world, it’s defines Insecure, so that child abuse, violence, exploitation, neglect, trafficking, child prostitution, rapism and  these inhumane activities are going on.

           I must say,  being a Woman / man childhood carries a significant role which we say “A strong building’s root is soil”.The great number of people prioritizes to Women, as like people should give importance to Children. Women and children’s are two sides of a same coin. In our society the more vulnerable and deprived group you can find is amongst Women and children’s. People of the country must raise voice towards children‘s right and security.

Policies, Laws & Provisions clarifies starting from mother’s womb to till death it means birth to death government programs are enacted like Mamata Yojana to Harishchandra Yojana. Especially, for children’s all round development projects, NGOs, INGOs taking initiatives but at last previous inhumane activities are going on. If humanity doesn’t improves among people’s what gives you results taking action rally and doing candle lights and all.

Aren’t they importance to the nation?  Just think and raise voice towards those children including street children, those who are begging, abandoned, missing and runaway. These are the cause and consequences of being neglected, trafficked etc.

Let’s stop victims and punish to victimers.

Let’s vanish inhuman activity and bring a strong action

Let’s voice for children as like women.

Let’s stop misuse of children and give rights to their inner voice

At last, we should give priority and raise voice towards children’s. Where parents feel secure and confident. Like Women, Children too enjoy their rights and live happy. Every children should deserve quality life and despite their difference. They are privileged to enjoy all these rights, no matter what is their caste, class, religion and race.

Children May Not Be Safe Anywhere

Living  conditions of children in many charitable institutions like orphanage, shelter homes, foster care home, which runs by various organizations and other departments too. The children are in many cases like; sexually abused, physically tortured and exploited. So they must get of all the dignity and protection from every corner of the society.

                   Give children, as a group, legal protection with certain rights


No one wants to see children grow up with fear, anger or neglect. But no one is born knowing how to care for children. Sometimes we make mistakes that hurt them.


Thank You