Provided 20 MCQ on Non-Profit Organizations (Donor Agencies)

Provided 20 MCQ on Non-Profit Organizations (Donor Agencies)

1. What is the primary goal of a non-profit organization (NPO)? A. Maximizing profits for shareholders B. Providing goods and services to the public C. Generating revenue for the government D. Promoting political agendas Answer: B

2. Which term is often used interchangeably with "non-profit organization"? A. Charity B. Corporation C. Government agency D. Conglomerate Answer: A

3. Donor agencies typically provide funding and support to NPOs for what purpose? A. To maximize shareholder wealth B. To promote political campaigns C. To achieve charitable and social goals D. To expand government control Answer: C

4. What is the key difference between for-profit and non-profit organizations? A. Profit motive B. Size of the organization C. Government regulation D. Leadership structure Answer: A

5. Which type of NPO focuses on addressing issues related to health, education, poverty, and humanitarian relief? A. Charitable organizations B. Advocacy groups C. Professional associations D. Political parties Answer: A

6. What is the primary source of funding for many non-profit organizations? A. Government grants B. Stock market investments C. Corporate sponsorships D. Individual donations Answer: D

7. Which term refers to the process of gathering financial support from multiple donors for a specific cause or project? A. Fundraising B. Lobbying C. Advocacy D. Endowment Answer: A

8. Which type of non-profit organization focuses on influencing public policy and advocating for specific social or political issues? A. Advocacy groups B. Charitable organizations C. Professional associations D. Religious institutions Answer: A

9. What is the term for a non-profit organization that provides services to members of a particular profession or industry? A. Professional association B. Charitable organization C. Advocacy group D. Trade union Answer: A

10. What is an endowment in the context of non-profit organizations? A. A fundraising event B. A financial gift or investment that generates income C. A government grant D. A political campaign Answer: B

11. Which international organization is known for providing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief worldwide? A. United Nations (UN) B. World Bank C. International Monetary Fund (IMF) D. Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Answer: D

12. What is the primary purpose of a donor agency in the context of non-profit organizations? A. To receive donations from NPOs B. To provide financial support and resources to NPOs C. To regulate NPO activities D. To promote political agendas Answer: B

13. Which non-profit organization is dedicated to the protection of wildlife and their habitats? A. World Health Organization (WHO) B. Amnesty International C. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) D. Doctors Without Borders Answer: C

14. What does the acronym "NGO" stand for in the context of non-profit organizations? A. Non-Governmental Organization B. National Government Office C. Nonprofit Grant Organization D. National Governance Order Answer: A

15. What is the term for the voluntary transfer of assets, such as money or property, to a non-profit organization? A. Donation B. Investment C. Taxation D. Expenditure Answer: A

16. Which type of non-profit organization is associated with promoting and practicing a particular faith or religion? A. Religious institution B. Charitable organization C. Advocacy group D. Professional association Answer: A

17. What is the term for the process of seeking to influence government policy on behalf of a particular cause or group? A. Lobbying B. Fundraising C. Advocacy D. Endowment Answer: A

18. Which organization is known for its work in promoting human rights and advocating for prisoners of conscience? A. Greenpeace B. Amnesty International C. Doctors Without Borders D. Save the Children Answer: B

19. What is a common method for non-profit organizations to engage the public and solicit donations through online platforms? A. Crowdfunding B. Lobbying C. Endowments D. Taxation Answer: A

20. Which non-profit organization focuses on providing medical care and humanitarian assistance in crisis situations? A. Doctors Without Borders B. Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement C. World Health Organization (WHO) D. UNICEF Answer: A



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