Role of social worker in policy formulation

Role of social worker in policy formulation

  1. Introduction
  2. 5 Role of social worker in policy formulation
  3. Research and identifying issues 
  4. Advocacy and Representation
  5. Role of Consolidate Expert Opinion. 
  6. Implementation and execution
  7. Supervision and monitoring
Let's reflect on the formulation of the social policy and the role of the social workers in the policy formulation process. It demands and includes planers, bureaucrats, voluntary organizations, academicians, politicians, etc. The social worker is one among such experts who by virtue f their experience bring various issues in the limelight. The social worker works very closely with the people so they are in a position to understand societal issues. They are the best agent or instruments to address those ground realities to the concerned authority.
  1. Various social work colleges and institutions have been involved either directly or indirectly in policy formulation concerning development schemes in the country.
  2. Reputed institutions and organizations have been held responsible for policy formulation in various fields, such as education, housing, and health.
  3. Similarly, social workers are placed in the different governmental organization  and nongovernment organization and contribute different areas of the following 
5 Role of social worker in policy formulation
  1. Research and identifying issues 
  2. Advocacy and Representation
  3. Role of Consolidate Expert Opinion. 
  4. Implementation and execution
  5. Supervision and monitoring 
    1-Research and Identifying issues.
    Issues are the central point of policy formulation. Hence the first stage of forming the policy is research and identifying the issues which are to be dealt with. In this process number of organizations taken up the lead at the front stage and social worker are instrumental in the process. Through the voluntary organization, the social worker works at the grassroots level and interacts with t social worker brings a new dimension to the issues and highlights the scope for much-needed provision for the people.
    The social workers in academics are also important agents in the identification of issues and problems of society through research and studies. An example can be referred for our discussion a study conducted by the Social Welfare Department Delhi and Department of social work Delhi University, the study revealed that many beggars are able-bodied and educated force into beggary by unemployment or augment in their professional income. This research study from a social work perspective is applied in nature putting forward a number of recommendation which in one way or the other contributes to policy development.
    2-Advocacy and Representation
    In a number of instances, the social worker has not just left the highlighted issues to itself. Social Worker by Virtue of their professional expertise knows that mere identification of issues is not going to make any change in the current scenario mainly due to the apathy and unwillingness of the concerned authority to any desirable action on social issues. What is needed is such a situation is building on the pressures on the group or authority. In such a situation policy development becomes a long down process and concerned authority. In these circumstances, the social worker can use tools like advocacy .

    The meaning advocacy refers to the development and upliftment of vulnerable and weaker section of the society. Since social worker works in the filed of those group it will easy for them to practice advocacy in their profession. Furthermore, advocacy also implies social change calls an appropriate use of the power and importantly strengthens the mind. An example of the advocacy can be referred to as the events of noted Social Activist Medha Patekar for resettlement and rehabilitation of displaced people. She happened to be the voice of those groups of people who were mute for their rights. However, this movement, later on, influence the government to come up with the new policy the first National resettlement and rehabilitation in our country.
    3- Role of Consolidate Expert Opinion. 
    The role of the social worker seems crucial in social policy formulation. As planned, social workers, development expert academicians, and politicians require the opinion of others who are experts in a particular field. As we learned that to make a policy formulation a committee is formulated after a series of dialogue and a serious conversation formally policy concept paper is brought out thereafter. To make it simple to understand that NITI AYOG may invite the social worker to be part of policy formulation as an expert group member for preparing programs, and policies. Professional social worker appointed and nominated to be a member of the expert committee to opinion and suggest various developmental issues to the policies drafting group. it is evident that professional expertise in different filed is called out for the knowledge contribution. Example, the prominent social worker has remained members of the advisory group in the University Grant Commission (UGC) for the curriculum development 
    4.Role of implementation and execution
    The role of the social workers has not limited to only formulating social policies and contributing knowledge to the expert committee but it has an equal role in implementing those policies and letting the people know about it. Social workers are the key agents for implementing policy programs through various means of implementing the system. System of sharing and disseminating also facilitating the policies. The prime concern of social workers needs to be disseminating new policies and programs meant for the welfare of the people through the appropriate use of the mass media like television, radio, and information technology. Semeultenioulsy, it is also equally important for the social worker to get the public accessed to the resources and benefits of the policies. Facilitating and simplifying the process to know and understand policies by the general public should be priories and important roles of social workers.

    5. Supervision and monitoring 
    Transparency in the implementation is the major goal of every supervision and monitoring. The role of social workers in monitoring and supervising hence appeared to be crucial.  It is well known that every success of programs and projects are largely based on the effective delivery and efficient implementation, so that desired goals can be smoothly achieved. The social worker needs to comprehensively use various systems of monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to make it transparent and effective to the people. Such as progress reports, financial, and audit reports. Evaluations studies and impact research reports of social workers help to a great extends revising policies as well as modification of the same.

    Therefore, the role of the social worker in policy formulation is instrumental and effective in making it people's policies. The key roles involve impact and positive influences over the lawmaker and bureaucrats to getting the resources accessible by the marginalized section of the society.



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