International Year of Water Cooperation (2013)

The goal of the International Year of Water Cooperation was to draw attention to the prospects for water cooperation to address the problems associated with water management.

In recognition of the fact that "water is vital for sustainable development, including environmental integrity and the eradication of poverty and hunger, and is indispensable for human health and well-being," the UN declared 2013 the Year of Water Cooperation.

The year's attention was on the things that may be understood from successful water cooperation projects.

It also placed a focus on important issues related to water management, including water education, water diplomacy, the sharing of water resources across national and local boundaries, and national and international legal frameworks governing the use and distribution of water.

Necessary natural resource

In recent decades, one of the most valuable natural resources has been water. Large swaths of the global population no longer have simple and sustainable access to clean, drinkable water due to human conflict, war, climate change, and overuse.

The UN has taken a number of actions to address the issue of water scarcity and promote discussion about how to effectively conserve and manage current water resources since it recognises this as a barrier to the social and economic well-being of communities. The declaration of March 22 as the World Day for Water in December 1992 was the first move in this direction. The declaration of the Water for Life Decade in 2005 came after this.

The IYWC concentrated on water diplomacy and cooperation, one of the most crucial elements of water management. Competition among societies has intensified as the quality and quantity of water have deteriorated in many regions of the world, and the number of groups that need access to clean water has expanded.


A slogan competition and special events at the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization in Paris were among the many events planned to commemorate the IYWC around the globe.

The issue of water cooperation was emphasised during World Water Day events on March 22 and World Water Week in August.


The IYWC's logo embodies the values of collaboration and communication. The International Year of Water Cooperation was written in many languages on the bottom of the logo, with the words "UN Water, World Water Day" on top. The year 2013 was the focal point of the design. Each year's number features customary regional patterns and artwork from a nation where the language is spoken. For instance, the English version of the logo features designs from China, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States.

The local patterns in the French version of the logo came from South Africa, Australia, France, and Japan. The many qualities of the countries represented in the emblem were represented by a stream of water that flows through the numerals. This demonstrated the collaboration over water between cultures.

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