10 MCQ on Social Work Theories.19th February 2023

 1- Who is the propounder of Psychodynamic Theory?

A. Bronfenbrenner B. Aaron Beck C. Albert Ellis D. Sigmund Freud Answer: D. Sigmund Freud 2-Who is associated with the theory of Social Learning?
A. Albert Bandura B. Abraham Maslow C. Carl Rogers D. Derrick Bell Answer: A. Albert Bandura 3-Who developed the theory of Systems?
A. Derrick Bell B. Bronfenbrenner C. George Homans D. Karl Marx Answer: B. Bronfenbrenner 4-Which theory is associated with the concept of 'feminism'?
A. Social Exchange Theory B. Feminist Theory C. Trauma Theory D. Attachment Theory Answer: B. Feminist Theory 5-Who developed the Strengths-Based Perspective?
A. Charles Rapp B. Richard Saleebey C. Julian Rappaport D. Florence Hollis Answer: A. Charles Rapp and B. Richard Saleebey 6-Which theory is associated with the concept of 'empowerment'?
A. Person-in-Environment B. Empowerment Theory C. Social Learning Theory D. Conflict Theory Answer: B. Empowerment Theory 7-Who developed the theory of Attachment?
A. Judith Herman B. Mary Ainsworth C. John Bowlby D. Bessel van der Kolk Answer: C. John Bowlby and B. Mary Ainsworth 8-Which theory is associated with the concept of 'trauma'?
A. Feminist Theory B. Trauma Theory C. Structural Theory D. Humanistic Theory Answer: B. Trauma Theory 9-Who developed the Structural Theory?
A. Salvador Minuchin B. Julian Rappaport C. Florence Hollis D. Grace Coyle Answer: A. Salvador Minuchin 10-Which theory is associated with the concept of 'conflict'?
A. Attachment Theory B. Conflict Theory C. Social Exchange Theory D. Person-in-Environment Answer: B. Conflict Theory

List of important social work theories and their theorists 
  1. Systems Theory: Bronfenbrenner, Ecological Systems Theory
  2. Psychodynamic Theory, Sigmund Freud
  3. Cognitive Behavioral Theory, Aaron Beck, Albert Ellis
  4. Social Learning Theory (Albert Bandura)
  5. Feminist Theory, various authors
  6. Humanistic Theory: Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow
  7. Structural Theory: Salvador Minuchin
  8. Critical Race Theory: Derrick Bell
  9. Attachment Theory, John Bowlby, Mary Ainsworth
  10. Trauma Theory, Judith Herman, Bessel van der Kolk
  11. Social Exchange Theory, George Homans
  12. Conflict Theory: Karl Marx
  13. Strengths-Based Perspective: Charles Rapp, Richard Saleebey
  14. Empowerment Theory, Julian Rappaport
  15. Person-in-Environment: Florence Hollis, Grace Coyle

Note: This is not an exhaustive list, as there are many social work theories and theorists out there. These are just some of the most important and influential theories and their proponents.


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