Quiz on World Malaria Day 25th April

World Malaria Day is observed annually on April 25th to raise awareness about the impact of malaria on global health and development. Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by the Plasmodium parasite and transmitted by infected mosquitoes. This day serves as an opportunity to mobilize resources and support for malaria prevention and control activities, and to work towards achieving the global goal of ending the malaria epidemic by 2030. Learn more about the history, significance, and key facts related to World Malaria Day.

  1. When is World Malaria Day observed? A) April 7th B) April 14th C) April 25th D) May 1st Answer: C

  2. Who established World Malaria Day? A) United Nations B) World Health Organization C) World Bank D) Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Answer: B

  3. What is the theme for World Malaria Day 2023? A) Ready to Beat Malaria B) Zero Malaria Starts with Me C) End Malaria for Good D) Reaching the Zero Malaria Target Answer: D

  4. What is the leading cause of illness and death in sub-Saharan Africa? A) Malaria B) HIV/AIDS C) Tuberculosis D) Measles Answer: A

  5. What is the global goal for ending the malaria epidemic? A) 2025 B) 2030 C) 2035 D) 2040 Answer: B

  6. What is the primary method of transmission for malaria? A) Airborne B) Contact with bodily fluids C) Infected food or water D) Mosquito bite Answer: D

  7. What is the most effective way to prevent malaria? A) Vaccination B) Use of insecticide-treated mosquito nets C) Antibiotics D) Drinking clean water Answer: B

  8. What percentage of malaria deaths occur among children under the age of five? A) 30% B) 50% C) 70% D) 90% Answer: D

  9. Which organizations are working towards the goal of ending the malaria epidemic? A) Roll Back Malaria Partnership B) Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria C) President's Malaria Initiative D) All of the above Answer: D

  10. What is the estimated number of malaria cases worldwide in 2019? A) 100 million B) 229 million C) 500 million D) 1 billion Answer: B


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