Union Health Minister Launches 'MedTech Mitra' to Boost Healthcare Innovations: 10 FAQ's Answered

Union Health Minister Launches 'MedTech Mitra' to Boost Healthcare Innovations: 10 FAQ's Answered

Union Minister Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya has launched MedTech Mitra, a strategic initiative to boost MedTech innovators and advance healthcare solutions. In plain English, let's dive into the key aspects of this initiative with 10 frequently asked questions.


1. What is MedTech Mitra, and why was it launched?
MedTech Mitra is a platform launched by the Union Minister of Health to empower young talents in the country. It aims to shape their research, knowledge, and logic and assist in obtaining regulatory approval for medical technology innovations.

2. How does MedTech Mitra support young talents?
The platform provides support to young innovators by guiding them through the process of finalizing their research, knowledge, and logic. Additionally, it helps them navigate regulatory processes for approval.

3. Why is the medical devices sector important for India's healthcare?
The medical devices sector is a crucial part of India's healthcare. The country is working towards transforming its health landscape by focusing on the indigenous development of medical technologies.

4. What progress has been made in the MedTech sector in India?
To reduce import dependence, India has made significant progress with initiatives like production-linked incentive schemes, investments in medical drug parks, MedTech research policy, and the MedTech research incentive scheme.

5. How does MedTech Mitra contribute to reducing import dependence?
The collaborative initiative will encourage the indigenous development of affordable, quality medical technology, leading to a substantial reduction in the import dependence of this sector.

6. What is the vision for India's medical devices industry by 2030?
The Union Health Minister is confident that India's medical devices industry will grow to become a $50 billion industry by 2030, emphasizing its potential for significant economic growth.

7. How is the MedTech sector evolving with technology advancements?
With developments in robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, and nanotechnology, the medical device sector is rapidly changing. MedTech Mitra aims to support innovators in navigating these changes.

8. Why is the use of indigenous technologies crucial in healthcare?
In India, using accurate and cost-effective indigenous technologies is crucial to bring about positive changes in healthcare. MedTech Mitra is an initiative that promotes the use of indigenous technologies in the medical field.

9. How does MedTech Mitra address challenges faced by innovators?
MedTech Mitra plays a role in handholding innovators for clinical evaluations and regulatory compliance. It aims to empower emerging start-ups, making it easier for them to innovate, conduct research and development, and provide services.

10. How does MedTech Mitra contribute to Universal Health Coverage?
MedTech Mitra strengthens India's commitment to Universal Health Coverage by promoting the reach of healthcare services to all corners of the nation. It aligns with the vision of Viksit Bharat, where healthcare becomes an integral aspect of national development.


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