10 MCQs on World Consumer Rights Day 2024: Date, Theme, Quotes, History & Significance

  1. When is World Consumer Rights Day celebrated each year?

    • (a) March 1st
    • (b) March 15th
    • (c) December 24th
    • (d) The date changes each year
  2. World Consumer Rights Day is different from National Consumer Rights Day because:

    • (a) One is focused on fair trade, the other on product safety
    • (b) World Consumer Rights Day has a global reach
    • (c) Only large corporations participate in World Consumer Rights Day
    • (d) They are the same event
  3. The theme of World Consumer Rights Day 2024 centers around:

    • (a) Environmental sustainability for consumers
    • (b) Fair and responsible use of Artificial Intelligence
    • (c) Food safety and labeling regulations
    • (d) Access to financial services
  4. Who was the first world leader to formally address consumer rights before their governing body?

    • (a) Indira Ghandi
    • (b) Winston Churchill
    • (c) Nelson Mandela
    • (d) John F. Kennedy
  5. Which organization plays a key role in setting the theme for World Consumer Rights Day?

    • (a) Greenpeace
    • (b) The World Trade Organization
    • (c) Consumers International
    • (d) The United Nations Security Council
  6. World Consumer Rights Day aims to protect consumers from:

    • (a) Exploitation
    • (b) Discrimination
    • (c) Unfair practices
    • (d) All of the above
  7. The first World Consumer Rights Day was observed in the year:

    • (a) 1962
    • (b) 1983
    • (c) 1995
    • (d) 2001
  8. "Generative AI" refers to:

    • (a) Computer programs that can create new content
    • (b) A type of artificial intelligence that enhances human senses
    • (c) Robots used in consumer product manufacturing
    • (d) Electronic voting for consumer rights issues
  9. World Consumer Rights Day encourages consumers to:

    • (a) Demand change and take action to protect their rights
    • (b) Buy only from approved, certified companies
    • (c) Stop using social media to avoid scams
    • (d) Never share personal details with retailers
  10. The significance of World Consumer Rights Day is to:

    • (a) Raise awareness about consumer rights
    • (b) Highlight important consumer issues
    • (c) Address challenges faced by consumers
    • (d) All of the above

Answer Key

  1. (b)
  2. (b)
  3. (b)
  4. (d)
  5. (c)
  6. (d)
  7. (b)
  8. (a)
  9. (a)
  10. (d)


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