What does the acryonym 'ASHA' mean?

ASHA is an acronym for Accredited Social Health Activist. They are community health workers employed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) as a part of India's National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). The mission began in 2005; full implementation was targeted for 2012. The idea behind the Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) was to connect marginalized communities to the health care system. The target was to have an "ASHA in every village" in India. In July 2013, the number of ASHAs was reported to be 870,089. In 2018, this number became 939,978. The ideal number of ASHAs envisaged was 1,022,265.

ASHAs are responsible for a range of health-related activities, including:

  • Providing health education and information to families and communities
  • Motivating people to use health services
  • Referring people to health care providers
  • Conducting home-based deliveries
  • Monitoring the growth of children
  • Providing immunizations
  • Distributing condoms and other contraceptives
  • Promoting sanitation and hygiene

ASHAs play a vital role in the delivery of health care in rural India. They are often the first point of contact for people who need health care, and they play a key role in linking people to the formal health care system.

What does the acryonym 'ASHA' mean?

  1. Accredited Self Heal Activist
  2. Accredited Social Health Activist
  3. Associated Social Health Attendant
  4. Authorized Subordinate Health Assistant

The correct answer is (3) Accredited Social Health Activist.

The other options are incorrect.

  • Option (1), Accredited Self Heal Activist, is not a correct acronym for ASHA.
  • Option (2), Associated Social Health Attendant, is not a correct acronym for ASHA.
  • Option (4), Authorized Subordinate Health Assistant, is not a correct acronym for ASHA.

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